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The Most Common Signs of Mold Growth

\Whether your home has just experienced water damage or is simply having problems with humidity levels, it’s important to watch out for mold growth. Mold is both extremely harmful for your health and can cause a myriad of structural problems for your property. That’s why to stop a mold problem before it gets out of control, you should always hire a professional right away. At FP Property Restoration, our licensed mold remediation technicians have the skills and experience necessary to perform efficient inspection and testing for mold, so we can identify the root of the issue and get to work eliminating it ASAP. Read on to learn the most common signs of mold growth, and remember that for industry-leading mold remediation service, FP Property Restoration is always the company to call.

The Top 7 Warning Signs You May Have a Mold Problem

  1. Recent Water Damage: As mentioned above, when water damage has occurred, mold growth is often not far behind. That’s why whether you have recently experienced flooding and standing water or any kind of storm damage, you will want to hire a professional for mold inspection while your property also undergoes cleaning and restoration.
  2. High Humidity: Another thing we discussed in our introduction was humidity levels. But what constitutes excessive humidity levels, exactly? In places like Florida, it remains quite humid for much of the year. Essentially, any humidity measurement above 50% is considered too high. However, you should also take other factors into account, like whether your property has recently experienced water damage, or if there are dank, dark corners of your home which tend to go uninspected. Under these circumstances, your property can become an ideal setting for mold growth.
  3. Nasty Smells: Where there are dank spaces, there also tend to be dank odors. Look out for nasty, musty smells coming from places in your home like the basement, attic, and crawlspaces, not to mention the bathroom, which is where you likely use the most water. And of course, if you detect a musty odor intensifying, make sure to call a professional right away.
  4. Rust Build-Up: High levels of moisture can cause rust to build up faster on your pipes. You may notice this if your plumbing system has recently experienced water damage, though even if it has not, watch out for excessive condensation. Where there is a lot of must, mold is often quick to follow.
  5. Warped Walls/Wood: Extreme humidity often causes wood to dry out faster. Look out for damp patches on your wood furniture, as well as on your drywall and wallpaper. This commonly occurs after water damage has happened, and your property requires structural drying. If you see these areas chipping away, or if they feel weak to the touch, you could soon find yourself with a mold problem, too.
  6. Increased Health Issues: Mold causes a ton of health problems, so when too many mold spores make their way into your air, yourself or others in your household may start to experience various symptoms as a result. The negative health effects of mold can include itchy/watery eyes, runny and stuffed-up noses, sore throats, coughing and sneezing, headaches, and even respiratory issues. Toxic mold is an especially big problem for children, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems, so do not hesitate to hire a professional immediately if you have any of these types of individuals in your home—especially if they start to have breathing problems or just seem to be getting sick a lot lately.
  7. Visible Mold: Of course, the final and most important sign that you are dealing with a mold problem is seeing it firsthand. While household mold can grow in a number of varieties, look out for anything with a greenish-brown color. You should also keep an eye out for pink mold, as well as the notorious black mold, aka “Stachybotrys chartarum.” Mold can have different types of textures, too, but the bottom line is you should always avoid touching or even being near mold if possible, and call a remediation pro like our experts at FP Property Restoration as soon as you see it.

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