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Storage Fires

How You Can Prevent a Storage Fire

Are you a homeowner that keeps a lot of stuff in storage? Maybe you’re the owner of a commercial property building and have a lot of tenant storage to consider? If either or both of these scenarios apply to you, it’s important to protect yourself from a fire. Storage fires are all too common, and the last thing you want to do is end up losing valuable and cherished possessions, or even putting someone in danger. Our team at FP Property Restoration know this firsthand, and are committed to helping you protect your home from a potentially devastating accident. Keep reading to learn how you can prevent a storage fire, and remember that for all your fire damage needs, you can count on our experts at FP Property Restoration.

The Top 5 Ways to Prevent a Storage Fire

  1. Do Not Overcrowd: One of the main things that exacerbates storage fires is having a ton of boxes all stacked on top of each other. This practice is extremely dangerous, as it can block exits and actually make it more difficult for people to escape should a fire suddenly break out. Moreover, overcrowding your storage space with cardboard on top of cardboard is basically creating a tinderbox, especially if those boxes are filled with things like clothes, old pictures, plastics, and other highly flammable materials. Speaking of which…
  2. Throw Away What You Can: We all know how hard it can be to part with cherished possessions. However, when it comes to your storage space, being economical is the name of the game.Things like paper, dirty rags, any kind of waste, and even boxes that are falling apart should be taken out and thrown away ASAP. Anyone that’s ever cleaned out an old storage unit knows it’s surprisingly easy to let this stuff pile up over time, so it’s on you to keep your storage unit tidy. This will not only reduce the chance of a fire, it also helps ensure pests do not invade your storage area.
  3. Be Careful with Electrical Equipment: Storing some electrical equipment is fine, but there is a fine line between devices you may want to use in the future and outdated technology that, frankly, has turned into garbage. We’re talking about things like electrical cords with cracked insulation or a broken connector, anything with frayed or exposed wires, and appliances that have long been out of use. Also, running any extension cords through your storage area is dangerous, and plugging more than one thing in at a time should be avoided at all costs.
  4. No Smoking: This might sound pretty obvious, but it’s worth stating nonetheless; smoking, of any kind, in or around your storage space, should not be tolerated. Not by you, not by your family members, not by your tenants, not by anyone. It only takes one errant piece of ash to start a fire, so if you absolutely must smoke, please do it far away from your storage space.
  5. Check Often: The most important way to prevent storage fires is to be proactive. To go a step further, whether you are a self-storage owner or the manager of a facility, prevention is protection when it comes to storage fires. As our experts at FP Property Restoration knows firsthand, dealing with insurance companies is never fun, especially if you’ve just been through an event like a devastating fire. Check your storage space often, looking for the issues listed above and moving items around as needed. And if you do experience a fire, call our fire damage experts at FP Property Restoration right away. We promise to assist in everything from contents cleaning to post-fire repairs, and can also help you navigate the tricky insurance process.

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