6 Interesting Mold Facts

mold in dish

When you skip mold inspection in St. Petersburg, you put your home and your family at risk. Mold is a finicky fungus, but our professionals know what it takes to remediate it. Read up on these mold facts to be informed should you ever find it in your home:

Dead Mold Spores Can Still Cause Issues

Bleach can go a long way, but it can’t go all the way when it comes to clearing out mold. Even dead mold spores can cause air quality issues!

Some Mold is Good For You

Yup. It’s true. Not all mold is harmful. In fact, a certain strain of mold can even be found in penicillin. However, mold still doesn’t belong in your home and should be properly remediated!

Mold Can Be A Color Spectrum

We all know about black mold. It’s the most dangerous type of mold. But, did you know that mold can be green, blue, and even orange? So, keep an eye out for the color spectrum.

Mold Damage Causes Near $1 Trillion in Expenses a Year

When you don’t remediate mold immediately, it can cause a lot of damage over time. This damage can require the big bucks to repair. So, catch it early on with regular inspections and prevention.

Bleach Won’t Fix the Problem

When you see mold, you may be tempted to just bleach it and kill it. But, that’s not enough. You need to have it professionally remediated to not only clear the visible mold growths but also restore air quality.

Mold Can Cause Physical Reactions

Sneezing, coughing, difficulty breathing, and rashes are all signs of mold. So, if your allergies start acting up for seemingly no reason, it’s time to explore mold as a cause.

Are You in Need of a Mold Inspection in St. Petersburg?

Don’t let mold get ahold of your home! If you suspect mold is growing in your home, you need a mold inspection in St. Petersburg ASAP. So, don’t hesitate to call on our professionals here at FP Property Restoration.

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