Common Causes of Kitchen Mold

Kitchen Mold

You might think your kitchen isn’t as prone to mold as some other areas of your home. However, your kitchen has no shortage of damp and dark areas that are perfect for mold. Here are a few common causes of mold growth in your kitchen. If you have mold in Fort Myers in your home, contact us today!

Water Leaks and Humidity

One of the most common causes of mold is water leaks. Therefore, a leaking kitchen sink is the perfect spot for mold to grow, mold can often be found at the bottom or underneath the kitchen sink. Humidity is also a common cause of mold in kitchens. Kitchens can run hot, or even humid, leading to mold and mildew growth.

Dark Areas and Food Supply

Mold thrives in dark spaces, so a kitchen cabinet is often a perfect spot for mold or mildew to pop up. Your kitchens food supply could be another source of mold growth, decaying food can be a cause of common mold growth in the kitchen.

Trash and Garbage Disposals  

Your trash can and garbage disposals in your kitchen just might be the perfect place for mold to grow. Dark, damp, and full of decaying food, make trash cans the perfect environment for mold to spread. 

Mold in Fort Myers

If you think that you might have mold in your house, it’s imperative to have it removed as quickly as possible before it spreads and leads to bigger issues. Contact us today to learn more about our mold remediation services.

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