3 Steps to Take After Water Damage Occurs

flooded living room

Perhaps a pipe busted in your home, or a sink has overflown. You might find yourself thinking “what now?”. It’s crucial to contact our home restoration company to properly take care of water damage. However, there are immediate steps you can take in the meantime to dry up your home. If you have experienced water damage in Bonita Springs, contact us today!

Remove the Remaining Water

First things first, making sure all excess water is removed. You can use a mop or towels, or a shop-VAC if you have access to one. If your carpet has been affected, know that the underlay beneath the carpet soaked up the water. So, even if your carpet appears dry on the surface, water is still living in the carpet.


For this step, use a fan to turn the remaining water into vapor. An at-home fan might not be powerful enough depending on the extent of the damage. However, it won’t hurt until the restoration company shows up with professional air -movers.


This step is taking the humidity out of your home. If this step Is skipped, condensation will begin to develop in your home, causing even more extensive water damage. Open up your windows and doors to air out the remaining humidity.

Water Damage in Bonita Springs

Sometimes, no matter how proactive you are, flooding is unavoidable. When flooding happens, make sure you call an expert to get your house cleaned up and back to normal. Contact us today to learn how we can get your house back to normal after suffering flood damage.

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