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3 Things to Do If Your Office Floods

If you have experienced a flood in your office, it’s important to know what actions to take IMMEDIATELY. Waiting too long to take action can lead to additional damage to the office and your belongings. Waiting Just a few short hours can make a crucial difference in hundreds or thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.  Below are a few steps to take if your office has experienced flood damage in Tampa.

Remove as Much Water as PossibleFlooded living room

If the area is full of clean standing water, remove as much as possible. Soak up the existing water with spare towels and blankets, to avoid water spreading to unaffected areas. Then, use a wet/dry vac to absorb the remaining moisture. Keep in mind, if the water that flooded the area is contaminated, do not attempt to remove it. Leave it for the professionals.

Remove Anything of Value from the Affected Area

Make sure all belongings are removed from the flooded area. If you are unable to remove furniture, put aluminum foil on legs of furniture. Or, put wooden blocks underneath the piece of furniture to avoid further damage. Remove any rugs or curtains from the area so they can dry properly. it’s also helpful to turn your air conditioning lower than 72 degrees to avoid further humidity.

Flood Damage in Tampa

Have you experienced flooding or water damage in your office? We understand water damage and flooding can be extremely stressful. Let us handle the damage. Look no further than FP Property Restoration for all your home restoration needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services.