Three Types of Water Damage to Be Aware Of

water damage

Most people are under the assumption that there is only one type of water damage. However, there are various types of water damage that a home can experience. Each requires different types of treatment and removal. It’s crucial for a homeowner to be aware of the type of water damage they are dealing with. Below are the three different types of water damage. If you have experienced water damage in St. Petersburg, contact us today.

Category 1 Water

This type of water damage could be from an overflowing sink or another source of clean water. A category 1 water is clean, uncontaminated water, that will do no harm to humans or animals that come in contact with it. This type of water damage will require water extraction and drying.

Category 2 Water

Category 2 water aka “Grey Water” contains some contaminants at the water source. This means that it could cause illness for animals or humans that come in contact with it.

Category 3 Water

This category, also known as “Black Water” is highly contaminated water that can cause serious illness. Blackwater can contain feces, fungi, bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Category 3 water damage will always require a professional restoration company.

Water Damage in St. Petersburg

Sometimes, no matter how proactive you are, flooding is unavoidable. When flooding happens, make sure you call an expert to get your house cleaned up and back to normal. Contact us today to learn how we can get your house back to normal after suffering from flood damage.

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