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What is Dehumidification?

With flood damage in Venice FL comes water damage that likes to linger. That’s why dehumidification is such an important part of the remediation process. Keep reading to learn more:

What is Dehumidification of Water Damage?

Dehumidification is used when remediating water in a home or commercial building. This is a drying process that clears the air, walls, and floor of unnecessary water or humidity. This is a crucial step as it can prevent mold from growing in its tracks.

Why is Dehumidification Necessary?

When you have severe water damage in a home, commercial facility, or structure of any kind, it can linger. You may not realize the extent of the damage. This is because the water damage from a flood can soak your walls. No taking care of this can lead to bigger issues, like unsafe structures and mold development. That’s why you absolutely need dehumidification when treating flood damage.

How is Humidity Measured?

Seeing as Florida is humid almost all year round, you may wonder how our experts can tell the difference. Using what is called a hygrometer, our technicians determine unnatural levels of humidity. They then track humidity levels on a daily basis to make sure everything is getting back on track.

What Happens if Dehumidification Doesn’t?

If you do not have professional dehumidification, you are opening your home, building, family, friends, and employees to an array of risks. For example, mold loves dark, humid places. A wet wall is the perfect place. You also risk structural damage, which puts you at physical risk.

Do You Have Flood Damage in Venice FL?

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