Do You Need Water Damage Removal? Tallahassee, FL

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Whether you’re dealing with a leaking or burst pipe, or you’ve experienced flooding in your area, water intrusion into your home can be very problematic. It’s vital that you take action immediately. In addition to calling a Tallahassee water damage specialist, you need to know a few tips for water removal.

Find the Source

If the water incursion into your home is related to a leaking or burst pipe, you need to find the water main and shut it off. This will turn off the water to your entire home. Depending on your setup, you may be able to shut off the water to just the affected area, but in many instances, you’ll need to turn off the water to the entire home.

Remove Your Belongings

If any of your belongings were damaged in the water incursion, they need to be removed. Furniture, clothing and other items should be pulled outdoors and allowed to dry. Even if your items were not wetted in the water incursion, you should still remove them from the immediate area so that water removal can proceed.

Dry the Area

Once you have any furniture and other items out of the area, you’ll need to start the drying process. Carpeting should be pulled up if it was soaked, as should carpet padding. Squeegee or soak up any standing water if possible. Using fans and dehumidifiers can help you target areas where water was absorbed.

When it comes to water removal in your Tallahassee home, time is of the essence. Allowing moisture to go unaddressed can allow mold to begin growing, leading to serious health issues, and even structural damage. Call the professionals at FP Property Restoration today at (888) 408-2335.

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