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Mold growth

Mold Removal vs. Remediation

Simply put, mold removal and mold remediation are two different ways of describing the removal of mold from a home or commercial property. Let’s take a look at the process for removing or remediating mold and look into if complete mold removal is possible from your mold remediation in Tallahassee Fl expert.

What is Mold Remediation?

Mold remediation is focused on returning mold levels back to normal, natural levels. While complete mold removal isn’t possible, mold remediation targets mold problem areas and destroys the harmful strains. While your property will still be left with some mold, the remediation process will return it to a healthy amount that’s common in the environment.Mold damage

Is Complete Mold Removal Possible?

We touched on it above, but the simple answer to this is no. Not only is it no, but you don’t want a complete mold removal. Mold naturally occurs in every environment. Just because it’s growing, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s harmful. Dormant microscopic mold spores are inherent in nature and pervasive in both outdoor and indoor environments. Until the spores become active, they pose no threat or issues.

Are You in Need of Mold Remediation in Tallahassee Fl?

When you find mold that has started spreading, it’s important to call a mold remediation and removal company as quickly as possible. The quicker the problem is addressed the easier it will be to remove since it won’t have as much time to spread. Contact us today to learn about our mold removal and remediation services.