Does Home Insurance Cover Hurricane Damage?

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If you live in an area regularly affected by storms, you may be starting to wonder, “does home insurance cover hurricane damage?” And with hurricane season getting worse all the time and the economy already in such a perilous position due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this is indeed an important question for many homeowners in the United States to ask.

While several types of water damage are covered by homeowners insurance, including damage caused by hurricane winds and rain, storm surge damage and catastrophic flood damage is typically not covered by homeowners insurance. That means that if a hurricane hits your home, and your roof is affected by wind and wind-driven rain, you will probably be covered by your home insurance. However, if the same hurricane causes water to fill your basement, you likely will not be covered.

How can you be covered for any eventuality when it comes to storm damage? For this, you will typically have to purchase supplemental flood insurance. Some insurance companies will also make homeowners purchase a separate deductible if they decide to settle in an area that is at high risk for hurricanes. On top of this, most insurers in the Atlantic coast states will also charge you a separate hurricane deductible if a tropical storm in your area has been named or declared by the National Weather Service.

Here’s the ultimate takeaway: a cottage industry has essentially been built up around flood insurance. Does that mean you don’t need it, or that it’s a scan? Quite the opposite, actually. Choosing to omit a hurricane deductible or not purchase flood insurance for your property can have disastrous results if a storm does hit your property. Some insurers also place a moratorium on hurricane deductibles after a tropical storm has been named, so it is always best to update your insurance policies early and often.

The good news is, even in this world of insurance on top of insurance, you have a company to help you figure things out if a storm does affect your community. At FP Property Restoration, we are a preferred vendor when it comes to storm damage. In addition to standard water damage options, our award-winning storm restoration team offers both temporary repairs and 24/7 catastrophe response, so you are prepared no matter what the extent of the damage is. Click here for storm preparation tips to help ensure you are always ready for storm season, and remember, don’t ever hesitate to contact FP Property Restoration, day or night, if your home or business has been affected by a storm.

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