Our Protocol to Combat COVID-19


When we hear the year 2020 it will be forever synonymous with COVID-19, and the unprecedented effects that the virus has had on our lives. Business owners were faced with decisions that hopefully, they'll never have to make again. Should they have their employees work from home or report to work? What safety precautions should be taken? Should a business owner mandate that the company’s employees wear masks?

As we exit 2020, there is an idea that COVID-19 will just vanish. World news is still filled with the horrible figures of the growing number of people contracting the virus, but there is hope. The hope comes in the form of numerous reports that have confirmed that successful vaccines are on the way. In many cases, they have arrived and we are only waiting for the distribution plans to be confirmed. Again, there is this notion that the vaccine = the end of the virus. The amount of time associated with the distribution of the vaccine and the time it will take to see results is what is not being addressed.

We are still a long way from normal. What “normal” will be, no one yet knows for sure. This false sense of security will result in heightened numbers of positive COVID-19 cases for business owners, right as business owners are reopening doors. So what is a business owner to do?

At FP Property Restoration we did not close down during any part of the COVID-19 pandemic. We had a 30-day period where we had some administrative personnel work from home to respect other high-risk employees. At no time did we have to close any of our offices due to an outbreak. How did we do it? We set out a strict protocol for all employees and offices, and we stuck to it consistently. We want to share the protocol we used with you so that your business can enjoy the same success we've had during this pandemic.

Every employee checks their temperature before the beginning of their shift and records it. If they have a temperature of over 100, they are sent to have COVID-19 testing done. We've identified multiple instant-testing sites around all of our locations so that our employees know where to go. We pay for the test, and if the employee gets a negative result they return to work the next day.

We have all facilities and company vehicles professionally disinfected using Bioesque and electrostatic foggers every night. Our technicians disinfect all meeting rooms, offices, warehouses, restrooms, and break rooms. We make sure that hand sanitizer is available everywhere, and we mean everywhere! We are strict - very strict! We have mandated our protocols for all employees and the company has rallied behind them. They see that this results in people feeling more confident in being able to come to work and be safe.

Keep in mind that we have months, maybe more, to go in this pandemic. COVID-19 has tested everyone, especially business owners. We encourage business owners to share ideas as they see successful protocols in creating safe working environments for their companies. Together we will make it through this!

Want to learn more about how we are keeping our clients and employees safe? Call the FP Property Restoration office at (888) 408-2335 and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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