10 Common Myths About Disinfecting


With the Coronavirus continuing a global concern, more people are interested in disinfecting service than ever. However, as the interest in property disinfection has risen, so has the amount of misinformation about how to do it properly. Keep reading to learn ten common myths about disinfecting, courtesy of our cleaning and disinfecting pros at FP Property Restoration.

Watch Out for These 10 Common Disinfecting Myths:

  1. You Can Disinfect with Any Cleaning Agent: Not all cleaning products are made the same. While the average household cleaning product may take care of some germs, only certain disinfecting agents work to kill dangerous kinds of bacteria and viruses.
  2. You Should Always Use Chlorine Bleach to Kill Biological Contaminants: While bleach is one of the more effective over-the-counter disinfectants, especially when it comes to wiping down surfaces, it does not work for everything. Bleach can be toxic to smell, taste, and touch, and should not be ingested by humans in any way. Bleach should also not be used outside of the home, as it will be ineffective at killing bacteria in your landscaping and garden.
  3. Sanitizers & Disinfectants Are Equally Effective: Common sanitizers, such as alcohol-based solutions you use on your hands, are an effective way to kill microscopic biological threats. However, disinfectants are used to kill a wider range of germs, viruses, and bacteria, while also cleaning your property, meaning it would be false to equate the two.
  4. The Stronger the Odor a Disinfectant Has, the More Effective It Is: While bleach and other common disinfectants may have a strong smell, this alone does not make them more powerful when it comes to killing biological contaminants.
  5. You Can Use Twice the Amount of Disinfecting to Kill Twice as Many Germs: Disinfecting is not simply about the amount of the solution you are using, it is about how you use it. When it comes to household disinfectants, the dilution ratio is listed on the bottle for a reason. Rather than doubling your disinfectant use, you are better off wiping down surfaces carefully and comprehensively with the suggested amount. Messily spraying more disinfectant than is necessary is not guaranteed to kill more germs, and may actually create a nasty buildup on surfaces and end up making you sick.
  6. You Do Not Need to Follow the Contact Time Requirements for Disinfectant: For the best results and to kill as many biological contaminants as possible, it is important to follow the contact time requirements listed on your disinfectant.
  7. You Can Kill More Germs by Mixing Cleaners & Disinfectant: Mixing cleaning and disinfectant products together will not make either solution more effective. As stated above, cleaners and disinfectants are inherently not the same, so combining these agents is more likely to make them ineffective, killing fewer germs, viruses, and bacteria, and leaving your property less clean.
  8. You Should Disinfect Every Day to Keep Your Home Safe: Disinfecting your home surfaces every day is not only obsessive behavior, it’s a good way to wear down your property faster and make yourself and your family sick. From acidic toilet bowl cleaners to bleach-based wipes, the chemicals in disinfecting products are powerful and should be used as necessary, rather than on a constant basis.
  9. If You See a Sign Saying a Business Has Been Cleaned, That Means It Is a Safe Environment: While it would be nice to assume that every commercial business that stresses their cleaning and disinfecting efforts has done a thorough job, this is simply not the case. A restaurant may say they have had their floors cleaned, but most floor finishes are antimicrobial, and therefore provide no resistance to germs. A store may stress that they have had their entire property disinfected, but that does not necessarily mean the property has received the professional-grade service it needs. That brings us to…
  10. It Is Unnecessary to Have Your Property Professionally Disinfected: No matter how careful you are about cleaning and disinfecting, there are just some things professional disinfecting and sanitizing service can offer that the DIY approach can’t. When you call a professional, they will be able to use a ULV fogger to cover your entire structure, and identify high traffic areas to guarantee proper cleaning. Professional disinfecting service also comes with commercial-grade cleaning solutions like Bioesque. Most importantly, professional disinfecting is the only way to receive services and products that have been approved by the CDC and EPA.

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