What Does Water Damage Look Like?

water damage

After a severe storm or flood, chances are your home is left with water damage. Water damage can be one of the most harmful types of damage, causing dangerous mold growth and irreversible damage to your floors, walls, ceilings, and more. The longer it is left undetected, the more serious the damage becomes. The key to protecting your home is to become aware of the different signs of water damage. Continue reading to learn more about how to identify water damage in your home.


If you spot mold growth in your home, you almost certainly have a moisture problem. Mold forms and thrives in areas that are consistently damp. It is a fungus that appears fuzzy and can be green, grey, blue, or black. Mold can form anywhere where moisture exists, which means it is most commonly found in basements, bathrooms, attics, or near plumbing fixtures.

Visible Stains

Slow, consistent leaks will often result in visible dark spots or water stains on your ceilings, carpets, or walls. Dark spots are usually an indication that the water damage is fresh while yellowish-brown stains indicate that the damage has formed over time. These stains are a result of a continuous cycle in which water leaks, soaks the affected area, dries, and then becomes wet again.

Damaged Floors or Ceilings

As floors, walls, or ceilings absorb water, they can become severely warped. When ceilings experience serious water damage, they will often droop, form bubbles, be covered in water stains, or feel spongy to the touch. Water can also seriously damage different types of flooring. Tiled flooring might experience cracked grout, carpeted flooring might form mold and stains, wood flooring might experience warped or buckled areas, and linoleum floors might crack or peel.

Damaged Paint or Wallpaper

When water seeps into walls, it can cause visible damage to your paint or wallpaper. If your painted or wallpapered surfaces have bubbles or cracks or are peeling, your walls may be suffering from water damage. Cracks are caused when large areas of your walls become damp and expand, pulling apart any paint or wallpaper. Bubbles form when water seeps from inside of the walls and pushes your paint or wallpaper outward.

Other Signs to Look Out For

In addition to the visible signs of water damage, there are other signs you can look out for that indicate you may have some water damage in your home.

These signs include:

  • Musty odors anywhere in the home
  • The sound of water running even when the water is turned off
  • Unusually high water bills
  • Excessive humidity in the home

For 24/7 Assistance, Call FP Property Restoration

If you believe your home is suffering from water damage, professional assistance is critical. At FP Property Restoration, our highly trained and IICRC-certified team is here to repair any water damage and restore your home. Whether your water damage is caused by a leak, storm, or flood, you can rest easy knowing we are equipped with the state-of-the-art tools and technology necessary to take care of it. We specialize in water removal, structural drying, dehumidification, thermal inspection, leak detection, and sewage cleanup.

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