What Will Happen to My Belongings After Water Damage Occurs?

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If your home has ever experienced water or fire damage, you already know firsthand what an intense experience it can be. Whether from a storm, accidental flooding, or even a gas leak, it is important to hire an experienced restoration professional to help your home recover. Luckily, at FP Property Restoration, we offer water removal, structural drying, smoke cleanup, and all the other services needed to make sure your property is up and running again ASAP. We also provide options like odor removal, to get rid of lingering scents from fires and flooding, thermal inspection, to help you catch water damage you might not have found otherwise, as well as mold remediation, to ensure your house is safe from toxic mold growth in the wake of a disaster.

“But what happens to my belongings after water damage occurs?”, you may be asking. This is a great question, as you do not want to leave your precious items in a home that has experienced serious damage. Moreover, you may have some possessions that require a certain amount of restoration themselves. That’s why FP Property Restoration also offers packout and storage service. This allows us to keep your items safe while the larger restoration process continues, so you never have to worry about the long-term health of your belongings. Keep reading to learn more about the steps involved in packout and storage, and remember that for all your restoration needs, FP Property Restoration is here.

Steps Included in the Packout & Storage Process

  1. Taking Inventory: Before we pack up your belongings, we will take a complete inventory, to ensure there is a detailed record of every item that is removed from your house. This not only makes it easier for you when it comes time to get your belongings back, it also holds us accountable. We promise to not only record every single thing we are packing up, but to write detailed descriptions of your belongings, too. Remember, your insurance company will also likely want to know what items are damaged, so this makes the whole process is easier for everyone involved.
  2. Pack Up Belongings: FP Property Restoration has a special division dedicated to packout and storage, so as some of our technicians begin to assess the extent of the damage to your property, otherwise will begin identifying damaged/sensitive belongings that need to be removed from the premises. Some things we select may have experienced direct fire or water damage, while others could be at risk for future damage the longer they stay in place. Keep in mind, you would not want your family sticking around as the restoration process begins, so when it comes to cherished items, you definitely want to get those out of the house as well.
  3. Contents Cleaning & Restoration: While not all items can be completely restored in the wake of something like a flood or a fire, FP Property Restoration will do our best to help you get your belongings back in pristine or near-pristine condition ASAP. Our contents cleaning and restoration process focuses on disinfection first, in case there is any lingering smoke or water damage. With specialized drying chambers, ultrasonic cleaning tools, and ozone treatments for specific items, you can bet you’re getting the most cutting-edge restoration options on the market. And anything that cannot be restored will be documented, so we can help you negotiate to the best of our ability with your insurance provider.
  4. Delivery & Re-Inventory: After our contents cleaning and restoration efforts are completed, we will use our detailed inventory to return your items to you and put them back in your house exactly where we found them. Everything is loaded, transported, and delivered with great care, then reconciled with original packout inventories to guarantee nothing was left behind. We promise, we will take the best care of your items possible, showing the same care we would want shown to our belongings.

If your home has experienced severe damage, call FP Property Restoration 24/7 at (888) 408-2335. You can also fill out our contact form online.

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