What to Do When You Notice Water Damage

water damage

Water damage is one of the most insidious problems any property can face. This is because water damage is not only harmful on its face, but it can lead to additional problems, too, such as mold growth and structural damage. Keep reading to learn what to do when you notice water damage on your property, and remember that FP Property Restoration is available 24/7 for all your emergency cleaning and restoration needs.

5 Steps to Take When You Discover Water Damage In Your Home

  1. Identify the Source of the Damage: The first step to dealing with exiting water damage is ensuring more does not occur. Even small leaks can lead to big problems for your home, so it is important to document where any water damage occurred on your property, if it progresses, and if possible, the source of said damage. This will help you prevent flooding, broken and corroded pipes, appliance failures, and structural damage from occurring in the future.
  2. Clean Up Pooling Water: Obviously, dealing with something like a flooded basement is not going to be possible without professional assistance. That said, if you notice pooling water anywhere on your property, you should clean it up ASAP. DO NOT put yourself at risk by attempting to get rid of any toxic wastewater. But if there is visible water that you can easily get rid of, it’s always best to take care of it sooner rather than later.
  3. Communicate with Your HOA (If Applicable): If you belong to a homeowners’ or condo association, you will want to notify them immediately of any water damage. This will not only allow you to receive assistance from any other parties who are responsible for your property, it will prevent you from getting penalized, and help ensure you don’t violate your HOA agreement. Your homeowners’ or condo association may also be able to help you navigate the insurance process, speaking of which…
  4. Contact Your Insurance Provider: Many insurance plans cover water damage, depending on how the damage was incurred. It is essential to act quickly, however, as your homomer’s insurance carrier probably has specific restrictions on what is and isn’t covered, and your plan likely mandates that you report any damage within a specific period of time.
  5. Hire a Qualified Restoration Professional: Ultimately, the most important step to take when dealing with severe water damage is to contact a professional, like our experts at FP Property Restoration. We offer water removal, dehumidification, and sewage cleanup, so all your water damage needs are covered. Plus with insurance assistance and storm damage service, we have everything you need to get your property up and running again before you know it.

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