The Difference Between Regular & Professional Cleaning


Every homeowner has a good idea of what it takes to clean their house. However, when your property experiences a disaster, and water or fire damage has occurred, cleaning your house on your own usually isn’t the best option. Keep reading to learn more about the difference between regular and professional cleaning, and when your home has been through a catastrophe, make sure you contact our cleaning and restoration experts at FP Property Restoration.

Disinfecting Over Sanitizing

Everyone can and should sanitize their home. Sanitization is important for maintaining overall hygiene, and can be done by simply wiping down and cleaning surfaces with trusted store-bought cleaners. However, as we’ve learned due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, disinfecting and sanitizing are not the same. To truly disinfect your home means using specific technology designed to get rid of various pathogens and viruses. At FP Property Restoration, we can offer disinfecting services to protect you from a range of biological contaminants, thereby improving health standards for the entire household and reducing the chance that members of your family are going to get sick.

Finding Hidden Issues

One of the worst things about having your home hit by a storm or another major disaster is all the hidden issues that can linger, potentially without you even knowing about them. For instance, there may be unexplained odors after your home has experienced water damage. While it can be hard for you to get rid of these smells on your own, it is easy to locate and remove nasty odors with the assistance of an experienced cleaning and restoration technician And after a fire, there is smoke damage that can hang around your property, affecting the air quality for everyone in your household. Professional cleaning and restoration service can help discover these issues and put a stop to them, so you don’t have to worry about stumbling upon a major problem.

Preventing Problems from Occurring in the Future

Professional cleaning service isn’t just about making sure your property is comfortable in the short term, it’s also about guaranteeing your comfort in the future. At FP Property Restoration, a big part of our job is making sure that one disaster does not lead to another following something like a flood or a fire. You may not initially notice mold growth in the wake of water damage, but our technicians can both locate any existing mold and eliminate conditions that encourage mold growth down the line. We can also provide temporary repairs designed to protect the structural integrity of your home after storms and wildfires. And with contents cleaning and restoration, your most important household items will be free of malfunctions and safe for the whole family. Call today to learn more about how FP Property Restoration works to protect your property, and remember that our professional cleaning and restoration team is here 24/7 for you.

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