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Structural Drying

The 4 Principles of Structural Drying

Has your home recently been flooded, or experienced a major storm? If so, you may need structural drying. This service is an important part of the water damage restoration process, as it ensures there is no lingering damage that could threaten the structural integrity of your property. Keep reading to learn all about the four principles of structural drying, and remember that you can contact our experts at FP Property Restoration for emergency water damage service 24/7.

The Four Principles of Structural Drying Are:

  1. Extraction: Before we can begin the actual drying process, a key part of FP Property Restoration’s job is to make sure any items around the damaged area have been removed. This not only clears a way for us to move in our equipment, it also allows us to begin contents cleaning and restoration service, where our experts work to help save your valuable items.
  2. Airflow: Once we have cleared the area of your house that has experienced water damage, we will need to begin aerating it—i.e. increasing airflow. Airing out a water-damaged home assists in the odor removal process, while simultaneously ensuring the affected area gets the fresh air it needs to begin drying out.
  3. Deumidification: Airing out your space naturally is key in structural drying, but after this is complete, it’s time to bring the professional equipment in. This brings us to dehumidifaction. With our cutting-edge dehumidification technology, we can extract all the moisture that has seeped into your property, drying out surfaces and discouraging mold growth.
  4. Temperature Control: The final part of our structural drying process is ongoing temperature control and maintenance. This may mean leaving heavy-duty dehumidifiers on your property for continued moisture removal, or even just placing fans at strategic locations to ensure the area receives proper airflow. Bottom line: our technicians are here to provide continuous monitoring and assistance to help guarantee that your structure is solid and that the temperature in your home remains safe following a flood or another disaster.

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