Contents Restoration: How to Restore Valuable Items After a Fire

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If your house has ever been through a fire, you already know what a trying experience this can be. Fortunately, our fire damage experts at FP Property Restoration offer all the services needed to help get your home back on its feet ASAP. From fire and smoke cleanup to post-fire repairs, we’ll make sure your property is safe and hospitable for everyone living in it.

“But what about my valuable belongings?”, you may be asking. Don’t worry, FP Property Restoration offers options for those as well. With contents cleaning and restoration service, our technicians will work to help your cherished possessions look good as new again. This process is straightforward and effective, especially if you follow our helpful tips below. Keep reading to learn how to restore valuable items after a fire, and remember that for all your emergency fire damage needs, you can always count on the experts at FP Property Restoration.

Contents Restoration Tips

  1. Take Note of What Is Damaged: A key part of our contents restoration process is taking a thorough inventory of everything that has been damaged. The sooner you start taking note of this, and identifying options that really need cleaning, the sooner our team can start doing the job of recording and ultimately restoring your items.
  2. Avoid Touching Anything: You may not realize how damaged certain items are, or whether they can be restored at all. For this reason, we suggest taking the utmost caution, not touching anything and waiting until our professionals have had time to complete our inspection.
  3. Work with Our Team to Create a Plan: After you have let FP Property Restoration record what items need restoring, it is important to sit down with our team and create a custom plan. Once we figure out what your most important items are and what the extent of the damage is, we will be able to address your specific contents restoration needs.
  4. Call Your Insurance Company: The fact of the matter is that no matter how hard we try to restore your items, there may be a few things after a fire that are simply too damaged. For this reason, it is always best to get on the phone with your insurance company ASAP. That way, FP Property Restoration can begin working with you on how to receive maximum compensation right away.
  5. Make Sure to Hire the Best Restoration Company Around: At FP Property Restoration, our team is trusted across the area for getting the job done right. We will work closely with you to address all your specific restoration needs, and begin the contents restoration process before your items deteriorate more. Ultimately, this service is all about experience, and no one has more experience providing quality contents restoration than our team at FP Property Restoration.

To schedule an appointment, call (888) 408-2335. You can also fill out our contact form online.

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