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When disaster strikes, you need to know who you can turn to for help. That’s where FP Property Restoration comes in. Our IIRC-certified technicians are here to offer a comprehensive range of water and flood damage restoration services in Kissimmee. We cater to residential and commercial properties of all sizes and guarantee a customized solution tailored to your unique situation.

Our water and flood damage services include:

  • Water removal
  • Structural drying
  • Dehumidification
  • Thermal inspections
  • Leak detection
  • Sewage cleanup
  • Mold remediation

If your home or business was struck by water or flood damage, timing is everything. Turn to FP Property Restoration to minimize the damage, protect your belongings, and restore your property.

Call (888) 408-2335 or contact us online to schedule your free inspection.

Flood & Storm Damage Restoration

You can contact FP Property Restoration if you are experiencing flooding in your Kissimmee home or business due to a hurricane or any other issue. Our technicians will arrive on-site as soon as possible to begin removing standing water. Due to the fact that the situation is not ideal, urgency is our middle name. We begin water mitigation as soon as we arrive, along with staging furniture and contents to prevent further damage.

Signs of Water Damage

Whether caused by a plumbing leak, flood, leaking roof, or anything else, it is important to be able to repair water damage as soon as possible. We recommend becoming familiar with the most common indications of water damage so you can bring FP Property Restoration in right away for an inspection.

You need to schedule a Kissimmee water and flood damage restoration inspection if you notice:

  • Your floorboards are buckling or warped
  • Your ceilings are drooping
  • Your wallpaper or paint is bubbling, cracked, or peeling
  • The grout in your tiles is cracked
  • You can hear water running when no appliances are in use
  • There was an unexpected spike in your water bills
  • Your ceiling has wet spots or yellow stains
  • You discover mold or mildew growth
  • The humidity levels in your home are high
  • Your home has developed a musty odor

At FP Property Restoration, our restoration pros offer comprehensive inspections. If you suspect your home or business has been damaged by water, give us a call and we will be there in no time to get down to the bottom of the problem. After identifying the cause of the problem, our team will explain your options to you and implement the most effective repairs possible.

The 3 Types of Water Damage

The IIRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) outlines the three categories of water damage. By determining which category of water damage you are dealing with, your restoration company will know how to treat it.

Below are the three categories of water damage according to the IIRC:

  • Category 1: Clean Water Damage – This is the least severe type of water damage. Clean water damage typically comes from broken pipes, water lines, and overflowing sinks or bathtubs. This water is sewage and toxin-free and can be easily dried.
  • Category 2: Grey Water Damage – Grey water damage may be harmful to humans as it can contain waste and chemicals. It usually comes from sump pump backups, toilets, or washing machines. A property with grey water damage needs to be sanitized.
  • Category 3: Black Water Damage – Black water damage is considered to be the most severe type of water damage. It often contains toxins, which can be incredibly harmful during and after exposure. Black water damage is usually caused by sewage, rising seawater, or ground water. After this water is removed, your home will need to be thoroughly sanitized to ensure your safety.

No matter what type of water damage you are dealing with, FP Property Restoration can help. We have extensive experience treating all kinds of water damage, and are here to make your property safe and healthy again.

Our Kissimmee Water Damage Restoration Process

We begin water damage repair immediately after receiving your call with our comprehensive and simple process. This includes:

  1. Getting rid of any standing water in your home
  2. Close examination of damaged areas
  3. Taking pictures of the affected areas
  4. Extraction of water to start drying
  5. Decontamination of the area
  6. Removal of non-salvageable materials
  7. Drying with dehumidifiers
  8. Making sure there is no mold or mildew in the home

Only once all of the necessary remediation steps are completed, do we let you know that the job has been completed and your home has been remediated.

There for You 24/7

At FP Property Restoration, we understand how overwhelmed you must be feeling at this time, and we are committed to making your life easier in any way we can. To ensure we are there for you when you need us most, our team is on call and ready to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We offer same-day services and guarantee that we will be on-site in 30 minutes or less after your call.

Customers choose FP Property Restoration time and time again because we never settle for “good enough.” Our service professionals always go the extra mile to deliver the premium-quality, reliable service you need and deserve.

Contact FP Property Restoration at (888) 408-2335 to schedule a water and flood damage restoration service in Kissimmee.

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