Common Dangers of Water Damage

Water Damage

If your home has experienced water damage, it's crucial to react quickly. The longer you let water damage sit, the more serious the damage becomes. Below are three common dangers of neglected water damage. If you have experienced flood damage in Tampa, contact our home restoration company immediately!

Mold and Mildew

Anything as small as a plumbing leak can lead to harmful mold in your home. As quickly as 48 hours after water damage occurs, mold can begin to grow. Mold can lead to health risks for you and your family, it can especially affect people who suffer from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory diseases.

Structural Damage

When severe water damage occurs and is neglected, the structural stability of your home could be at risk. Your roof, walls, floors, & even your home’s foundation can be affected by water damage. To avoid the risk of severe damage to your home, contact a professional home restoration company at the first sign of water damage. 

Electrical Problems

Unfortunately, water damage can easily damage the wiring in your home. This can lead to blown fuses, damaged electrical appliances, or -in worst-case-scenarios- fires or electrocution.

Have You Experienced Flood Damage in Tampa?

Don’t let the many dangers of water damage affect your home and your family! Over time, flood damage in Tampa can result in a lot more than the initial damage. If you have water damage, don’t hesitate, react quickly to avoid further damage. Contact FP Property Restoration to learn more about our services. 

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