3 Signs of Mold in Your Home

mold on walls

It’s common knowledge that exposure to mold is dangerous to your health. Especially when this mold is living in your very own home. Many homeowners fear mold, and want to stop its development, but are unaware of how to detect mold in their home. Below are signs that there may be mold growing in your home. However, to truly know if dangerous mold is growing in your home, contact our Mold testing in Fort Myers today!

A Mold Smell in the Home

One way to determine if you have a mold problem is mildew smell throughout your home. The smell of mold on the outside of a home often smells stale. In contrast, mold on the inside of your house will smell musty and damp. You should not ignore the smell of mold in your home, this could be a sign of a serious issue.

Visible Growth

Of course, if you see visible mold, dangerous mold exists in your home. However, the question is how much mold is in your home? Usually, there’s more mold then meets the eye. And, the mold that you can’t visually detect is usually the scariest.

Water Leaks

If you have experienced leaks in your home, your home is more susceptible to mold. Anything from a leaky pipe or a leak in the rook can lead to a dangerous mold problem.

Mold Testing in Fort Myers

Do you have mold in your home? When mold is present in your home, look no further than FP Property Restoration. Contact us today to learn more about our mold remediation services.

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