Conditions That Promote Mold Growth

black mold

Mold can not grow and thrive without moisture. Chances are if you are experiencing mold problems in your house it’s a result of moisture. Especially since all of the other conditions needed for mold growth are constantly present. Let’s take a look at some of the moisture problems that cause indoor mold in Naples.

Water Intrusion

Water can come into your home through either roof leaks or leaks in your windows or walls. Same goes for water seeping in through your doors if they aren’t sealed properly. Any water coming into your home can be a perfect opportunity for mold to form. If the water is seeping in through the walls or ceiling the mold can actually form inside the walls, making it significantly harder to remove.

Water Vapor

One of the most common places where mold can form is your bathroom. That’s because between your shower emitting water vapor from heat and your tub and sink constantly being used, there are plenty of opportunities for mold to form. You should always be mindful of indoor sources of water vapor that can be problematic. Always run the bathroom exhaust fan when showering or bathing, and make sure the vent is exhausted to outdoors.

Do You Have Mold in Naples?

Sometimes, no matter how proactive you are when it comes to keeping mold away it can still form anyway. When that happens, come see us at FP Property Restoration. Contact us today to learn about our mold removal services and to schedule an appointment.

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