Most Common Types of Mold in Your Home

mold in home

Unfortunately, mold growth in homes is a common problem in America. Mold comes in all different forms, shapes, and sizes. Mold can be a silent killer in your home. It’s important for you to be able to identify dangerous mold in your home, in order to keep your family safe and healthy. Below are the most common types of mold that could be growing in your home. If you think your home has mold, don’t wait, contact us today for professional mold testing in Bradenton.

The Most Common Types of Mold


It’s not uncommon to find this type of mold growing in your homes HVAC system. Aspergillus is also allergenic and could be the cause of unwanted symptoms.


This mold Is a common cause of allergy symptoms like watery eyes and a sore throat. So, before you think you are coming down with a common cold, you might want to get your home checked for mold. Cladosporium can usually be found on the back of toilets and air ducts.

Common Areas in Your Home for Mold Growth

Mold is most likely to grow in any damp areas of your home such as showers, and HVAC systems. It’s also not uncommon to find mold growth in carpets and in your homes air ducts.

Mold Testing in Bradenton

Does your home have mold? Mold comes with a laundry list of potential health problems for you and your family. So, don’t hesitate and put your family at risk any longer. Your family deserves a safe and healthy home. Contact us to learn more about Mold testing in Bradenton.

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