What is Pressure Washing?

pressure washing

Those stains from rusty, old patio furniture and that coat of pollen that the Spring never fails to bring shouldn’t leave you from enjoying your home. And that new color that your house has seemed to turn over time shouldn’t keep away good company. Hiring home cleaning services in Fort Myers FL for power washing can leave the exterior of home look like new. Keep reading to learn more:

What is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing is fairly straight-forward. High-pressure, regular temperature water blasts away dirt and grime that has built up. It reveals the original – or near-original – state of the material underneath.

Is Pressure Washing the Same as Power Washing?

Power washing and pressure washing are often used interchangeably. But, there is a key difference between the two. Both use a high-pressure stream of water. However, power washing uses very hot water to break down build-ups, while pressure washing uses a regular temperature.

What Should I Pressure Wash?

Pressure washing is great for household use. You can get your siding, concrete, decks, and patios pressure washed to leave them looking refreshed. If you’re unsure if something should be pressure washed, you can always consult our professionals to ensure the best results.

Are You in Need of Home Cleaning Services in Fort Myers FL?

It’s amazing how much better you can feel with a clean home. If you’re in need of home cleaning services in Fort Myers FL, contact us at FP Property Restoration today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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