How to Remove Commercial Water Damage

commercial water damage

When you have water damage in a commercial building, it’s not just your personal life that comes to a halt. You have a business – or multiple businesses to take care of. So, Lakeland water damage in a commercial building can’t wait. You need it taken care of professionally right away. Here is what our process entails:

Remove Water

First things first, the water has got to go. We remove all standing water and make sure that your personal belongings are as protected as possible. This is just the first step though.

Identify Impact

After water removal, we need to identify just how much damage has been done to the affected area. We will examine the extent by evaluating the condition of walls, floors, and surrounding area. This is done with thermal imaging and moisture detection devices.

Dry and Dehumidify

If you don’t want mold to grow, we need to dry the area and dehumidify it. We monitor how much moisture in the area and work to restore it back to normal. This can protect your building from further issues.

Repair and Restore

If there’s been water damage, chances are there’s been property damage. If possible, we will work to restore your property to its original condition.

Have You Experienced Lakeland Water Damage?

Lakeland water damage can lead to more complications if not taken care of properly. So, if you’ve experienced water damage, don’t hesitate. Contact us at FP Property Restoration as soon as possible to learn more about our services. 

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