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Mold under the microscope

Why Should You Hire A Mold Testing Company for Your Home

Mold is a serious threat to homes throughout Bradenton and the surrounding area. Even a small amount of moisture can create conditions in which mold can grow and thrive. Eventually, that mold will cause serious health problems for your family, and can even cause structural damage to your home. Mold testing is an important consideration for safeguarding your family and your home.

How Is Mold Testing Done?

Mold testing should include more than just a visual inspection of the walls, ceilings, and floors within your Bradenton home. It should be a multipoint process based on modern technology. An IICRC-certified mold damage contractor should come to your home and set up a wide range of testing devices, including moisture meters, thermal cameras and more. These allow the contractor to get an idea of where moisture is hidden within your home, and determine if mold might be a threat.

In addition to checking moisture and temperature levels, the right professional will also be able to offer air quality testing. In this process, a sample of the air will be taken at various points in your home. These samples will then be cultured to determine the presence of mold spores, and what type of mold might be present in your home. Based on this assessment, a mold remediation plan can be created.

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