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Catching water through broken ceiling

Repairing Water Damaged Ceilings

One second, you’re relaxing on your living room couch with your favorite show on the television. The next, you’re analyzing a newfound dark spot on your ceiling right where your bathroom is a floor above. Over time, water damage in Naples FL can happen. So, you need to be prepared to get it repaired. Here is what to expect from ceiling reparations with the professionals:

A Proper Inspection

Maybe it is the bathroom right above that’s causing the spot. It could just be a leaky pipe. Or, there could be something bigger going on. You Need the professionals to come in to identify the source of the problem. This makes it possible to formulate a plan of action.

Stop the Issue and Remove DamageWet floor

If there is standing water, the professionals can remove this in order to treat the issue further. They can also remove any damage so that it is ready for repair. This drying process is extremely important so that there is a lower risk of any mold growth.

Remove Any Mold

Sometimes, you may not notice that water has been accumulating and that mold has begun to grow. If there is mold, it will need to be taken care of accordingly. This is why you have to call in the professionals from the very beginning. We have the experience to take care of issues related to water damage as they arise.

Are You Experiencing Water Damage in Naples FL?

Water damage in Naples FL can lead to an array of bigger issues. That’s why you need to call on us as soon as you recognize an issue. So, if you have an issue, contact us today.