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Mold Month Part 5: How to Prevent Mold from Affecting Your Health

This is the final installment in FP Property Restoration’s mold month blog series, and after spending the past few weeks looking at where mold comes from, how to detect in, and what kind of services we offer to get rid of it, this week, we’re doing something a little different. Today, our Tampa property restoration pros explain how to prevent mold from affecting your health. Read on if you’ve ever had to deal with mold in the past, and/or you never want to have to deal with it in the future.

How You Can Stop Mold Growth

Mold can be extremely dangerous for your family or employees, and affect their general health and well-being in multiple ways. When mold spores make their way into your indoor air, they can be ingested by people, causing infections, respiratory issues, and even migraines. If someone in your home/office has been having trouble breathing lately, or if their allergy and/or asthma symptoms have been worse than usual, or if they are just generally getting sick a lot, you should call a professional. Otherwise, make sure to follow the tips below to keep everyone on your property healthy and happy.

You can prevent mold growth on your property by:

  • Cleaning up wet areas and dealing with leaks right away: Moisture is the key component for mold growth, which is why you so often find it around leaky pipes, roofs, and windows, and near your bathroom or kitchen sink/drains. Doing everything you can to reduce excess moisture and condensation is the best way to fight mold, and if your property does experience severe storm damage, make sure to call a professional right away.
  • Keeping humidity levels low: We’ve already established that mold thrives in humid environments. You can do this by making sure your AC is set to “Auto,” as leaving it set to “ON” can actually generate warm air. Beyond that, you may also want to purchase a dehumidifier, and just generally watch out to ensure your indoor humidity levels are never too high.
  • Increasing ventilation: When moisture and humidity combine in dark, dank corners of your space, they create an ideal environment for mold to grow. You can prevent this combination by keeping your home properly ventilated. Just use your AC and fans to cool the temp down and circulate your indoor air, and open your windows and doors occasionally to let new air in. And of course, try to air out the dark corners of your property as much as possible.

For the Most Trusted Mold Experts in Town, Call FP Property Restoration

In addition to monitoring your home for proper moisture, humidity, and ventilation, you can also ensure mold doesn’t affect your health by calling our Tampa property restoration pros for a proper mold inspection. We’ll make sure there is no excess water entering your home or business, and test your air quality to discover the level of mold spores present. Remember, if your residential or commercial property has weathered a storm, there may be mold present that you can’t even see. Although you may think you can just take care of the problem with bleach and a deep clean, it’s best to hire a professional for the sake of everyone’s health and safety.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Mold Month blog series, that you know more than you did before, and that mold now seems a little less scary to you. Call FP Property for additional information, and until next time, Happy Halloween!

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