Mold Month Part 1: What Causes Mold in the First Place?

what causes mold

FP Property Restoration is taking all of October to look at one of the spookiest things that can occur on your property: mold. Our Naples restoration pros are experts when it comes to mold removal, remediation, and repair service, and know-how to thoroughly eliminate mold from your property following flooding or storm damage. For the next few weeks, our blog will be taking a comprehensive look at this issue, which many satisfied customers have hired us to take care of over the years. Our first topic: what causes mold in the first place?

What Causes Mold to Grow on Your Property

A type of fungi that is key for breaking down dead matter across this planet, mold is ever-present in nature. However, noticeable indoor mold growth is never a good thing. In addition to oxygen and organic materials to feed on, there is one essential thing that causes mold to grow indoors: moisture. Almost anywhere that’s filled with excess moisture can be a place where mold thrives. This is why it’s so common in leaky pipes and roofing.

On top of areas that are moist, mold also thrives in parts of your property that are humid. Any humid area that’s also filled with moisture is essentially a breeding ground for mold. Mold does not thrive in sunlight either, so damp, dank spaces like your attic or your basement tend to be the first places that a professional will look for mold. Although mold generally appears in warm places, it can also occur on cold surfaces where condensation occurs, such as metal pipes and concrete floors.

Because the air can only become humid if it is not well-circulated, poor ventilation is another common reason mold occurs in homes and businesses. Because of this, it is essential to make sure your home is well-ventilated, and that the air is not stale and stagnant, if you want to discourage mold growth. Once mold starts to grow, its spores can make their way into the air, spreading to other areas of your property and causing health problems for you and your family/employees.

Hire Our Mold Pros to Get the Job Done

FP Property Restoration is proud to offer services like dehumidification, so we can take care of mold growth quickly if your home or business has experienced water damage. Call now to schedule an inspection for your residential or commercial property, and keep reading our blog all month for everything you need to know about mold.

For more Mold Month tricks and treats, call our Naples restoration experts at (888) 408-2335, or contact us online!

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