Mold Month Part 4: What's the Difference Between Mold Removal & Remediation?


Our mold month blog series continues this week by answering a very important question: what’s the difference between mold removal and remediation?

Like a lot of property restoration companies, we offer the full service of mold removal and remediation. In fact, our Fort Myers restoration pros add another step to the process—repairs. For us, it’s all about the Rs: removal, remediation, and repairs, all in the pursuit of complete restoration. However, while most people understand what property repairs are, many still do not grasp the distinction between the removal and remediation processes, or even assume they are the same thing.

Mold Removal

This biggest misconceptions around mold removal are that a) it’s something you can easily do on your own, and b) mold can be removed completely. The truth is that because mold occurs in a range of environments, it’s not uncommon for a small, undetectable amount to be present on your property at all times. Mold growth becomes a problem when you can actively see it, or when excessive amounts of mold spores infiltrate your air, potentially affecting the health of those in your home/business. Because of this, FP Property Restoration will do everything we can to remove the mold growth we find, but for more comprehensive treatment, your property requires mold remediation.

Mold Remediation

Mold remediation is the process of lowering moisture and humidity levels on your property, to discourage the growth of mold now and in the future. We also use EPA-approved biocide to contain mold growth and prevent spores from spreading, however, it is proper ventilation and air filtration that prevents the spread of mold in the long-run. The final step is to clean and disinfect any affected areas, and to encapsulate any remaining mold with the proper paint.

Call FP Property Restoration to Take Care of Your Mold Problem Today

At FP Property Restoration, we know how to determine whether your property has mold quickly, and provide remediation services to promptly stop it from spreading. And with repairs that can have your space looking like itself again in no time, you can always trust our Fort Meyers property restoration experts. Call FP Property Restoration right away if your property has recently experienced storm or water damage, and remember to keep reading our blog for the rest of our mold month series.

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