Hurricane Preparedness Part 1: How to Make a Disaster Plan

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Anyone who has been paying even the slightest attention to the news in the past few weeks knows that hurricane season is now definitively upon us. Although Hurricane Dorian fortunately did not touch down on the Florida coast, there are other tropical storm systems developing which could still affect the state. With that in mind, we are launching into our 5-part series on hurricane season. Throughout the month we’re going to be doing blogs on what you need to know to prepare for a hurricane, and how to keep your family safe if one does touch down. Our first installment: how to make a disaster plan.

How to Make a Disaster Plan for a Hurricane:

  1. Collect emergency supplies: Making sure you have all necessary supplies for your home and car is the first step to preparedness in any emergency situation. In the case of a hurricane, you will want to stock up on food like crackers, dry cereal, canned good, and non-perishable items. You will also need one gallon of water per everyone in your household, per day. A flashlight, first aid kit, tool kit, and sanitation products are also essential. Beyond that, think about any items you would need if you were going camping, or spending extended time away from civilization—rain gear, supplies to make a fire, to cook and clean with, etc. The more supplies you have, the better off you’ll be in case disaster strikes.
  2. Know who to call: In addition to 911, you should keep a list of numbers you may need to call in case the hurricane strikes. Communicating with your local law enforcement officials or fire department directly may help you get aid faster, and contacting disaster organizations that can ensure you receive the appropriate response for your situation. It’s also good to have numbers of family and friends in the area at hand, in case you need to warn them about any developments with your situation or communicate your whereabouts.
  3. Practice fire safety: Above, we discussed the importance of collecting materials to be able to make a fire. The flip side of this is you will also want to have supplies on hand to put a fire out, if necessary. When hurricanes and other disasters strike, they can lead to downed power lines, and other electrical and fire hazards. You will want to know how to avoid these risks, and to combat them by buying and preparing to use a fire extinguisher.
  4. Plan your route to the nearest shelter: You will not always have time to leave in the midst of a hurricane. However, on occasions where you are able to get out in time, it is vital to know where the nearest shelter is, and to plan an escape route that can get you there as soon as possible. The last thing you want is to get into your car only to find out you don’t know where you are going, or that the way you planned to travel is blocked.
  5. Know the warning signs: Ultimately, the most important part of any disaster plan is knowing when to put that plan into action. If all weather reports indicate you are likely to be in the path of a storm, if the CDC and other disaster organizations have issued warnings, or if you have heard sirens signaling an extreme weather event is occurring in your area, don’t assume everyone is crying wolf. Even if you have been through storms before, don’t assume you can just hunker down and be fine. Listen to what officials are saying, get out if possible, and if you do stay in your area, make sure you have the right supplies for your home and car and that you have a full-proof plan in place to protect yourself and your family.

After a Hurricane Hits, Call FP Property Restoration

After you have followed all the above steps for hurricane preparedness, there is one other way to prepare—by finding Naples restoration professionals you can trust. At FP Property Restoration, we provide storm damage restoration and repair for a range or properties, as well as assistance for cleaning up fire and water damage. Stay tuned for another blog on the 18th about avoiding flooded areas during a hurricane, and if disaster does strike, know that you are always in good hands with FP Property Restoration.

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