Storm Survival Guide


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Storm season is upon us and will be here through November, so it's more important than ever to make sure you have a plan in place for when disaster strikes. We have compiled our best storm survival tips in this blog post, so keep reading for more information.

Pack an Emergency Survival Kit

When an emergency strikes, it's important to have all of your preparation already complete by the time you need to evacuate. That's why we recommend prepping your emergency survival kit well in advance. You can pack all of these items in a backpack or in a large cooler, depending on how many household members you'll need to pack for. Make sure that whatever container you choose is easy to transport.

As for what should go in the emergency kit, here are the essential items that you should include:

  • Flashlight
  • Radio
  • Water bottles
  • Protein bars
  • Necessary medications, inhalers, etc.
  • Cash (if the power goes out, establishments won't be able to accept credit cards)
  • First aid kit
  • Toothbrush
  • Swiss army knife
  • Emergency blanket
  • Hygiene items (toilet paper, feminine products, moist towelettes, garbage bags, etc.)
  • Solar cell phone charger

There is so much more that we could include on this list, but these are some of the most essential items. For a more detailed breakdown of items to include in your emergency kit, check out this link.

Create a Plan for Your Pets

Like we've mentioned, preparation is the best recipe for success in the middle of a natural disaster or emergency. The less time you have to spend thinking about what you need to do, the better. That way, you'll have more time to act on your plans.

Did you know that over 33% of pet owners don't have a disaster preparedness plan in place for their animals? That means when disaster strikes, they're left in a very stressful situation with no idea what to do with their beloved animals. Put a plan in place now, so you don't have to think about it when a storm hits!

  1. Evacuate early! If you wait too long, officials will instruct you to leave your pets behind, and if it's not safe for you to be there, it is definitely not safe for your pets!
  2. Research places to stay in advance. Not all shelters will allow pets into their facilities. SO make sure you find a place where you can take your pets with you.
  3. Make sure your pets are chipped! If you are separated from your pet for some reason, this will help you find them once the chaos has died down.

For a more detailed plan for keeping your pets safe during emergencies, check out the Human Society's website!

Keep Emergency Supplies on Hand

If you hear an alert for a tropical storm or a hurricane and you have time to prep your home for the worst of it, then it's important that you already have the necessary supplies on hand.

Here are our home protection tips:

  • Place sandbags in front of entryways
  • Cover the windows with plywood, or install hurricane shutters
  • Trim nearby trees to limit the amount of debris and branches that could fall on your roof
  • Place valuable items and important documents in a waterproof safe
  • Move larger valuable items to higher ground

You should only take these steps if you know that you have ample time to get yourself and your family to safety! Remember, your health and safety are more important than any document, item, or piece of jewelry!

If you have any questions about storm season or what you can do to protect your home or restore it after a storm, contact our team today. Either call us at or visit our website for more information.

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