The Top 3 Ways to Stop Water Intrusion During a Hurricane


Hurricane season is upon us, and it’s time to start preparing your home for the possibility of a dangerous storm. At FP Property Restoration, our storm damage experts have seen firsthand all the ways tropical storms can hurt your property, both while they are happening and in their wake. One of the main ways storms can damage your home in the long term is water intrusion. Keep reading to learn the top three ways to stop water intrusion during a hurricane, and remember that for all of your water damage needs, you can contact our experts at FP Property Restoration 24/7.

3 Ways to Prevent Water Intrusion in the Midst of a Hurricane

  1. Put Down Sand Bags: FP Property Restoration goes through more than 50,000 sandbags every hurricane season. By putting sandbags down in your home, you can use them as a guard against areas where water is likely to seep into your house. The best places to use sandbags before a hurricane would be against front doors, garage doors, and sliding doors—basically any entryway that could use extra force to prevent water from intruding on the ground level. Call us today for more information on how to use sandbags during hurricane season.
  2. Purchase Storm Shudders & Plywood: If you live in an area that is regularly affected by hurricanes, it is important to take steps to cover up your windows, in addition to supporting your doors. One effective way to hurricane-prep your windows is by installing storm shutters—a layer of metal specifically designed to keep water out and stop your windows from breaking during a storm. It is also a good idea to buy some plywood to board up windows that don’t have storm shutters on them, or even to provide an extra layer of protection for windows that do. Bottom line: even as standards for hurricane-proof windows continue to improve, you will always want to prep your windows before a hurricane to not only prevent water intrusion, but to stop dangerous projectiles from flying through them as well.
  3. Have Your Roof Inspected: The last thing you want to find out after a storm hits is that you have a roof leak that could’ve been patched up before hurricane season. For this reason, you should always call a professional to inspect your room prior to the start of hurricane season. Granted, you can also inspect your roof on your own, however, it is always better to hire a roofer or damage restoration professional for more accurate results. These days, you may even be able to detect a roof leak with the assistance of a drone!

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