Are Tropical Storms the Same as Hurricanes?


With hurricane season fast approaching, you are likely to hear a lot about tropical storms. However, using these terms interchangeably can be a bit confusing. Are tropical storms the same as hurricanes? And if there is any difference, what is it? Is one more severe than the other? Keep reading for what you need to know, and remember that you can trust our experts at FP Property Restoration for all your storm damage needs.

Tropical Storms & Hurricanes: Are They The Same?

Hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones are all considered tropical storms. However, they tend to get called different names depending on circumstances and region. In the North Atlantic Ocean and Northeast Pacific, tropical storms are almost always called hurricanes. Meanwhile, when the same type of extreme weather event occurs in the Northwest Pacific Ocean, it is known as a typhoon. And in the South Pacific or Indian Ocean, cyclone is the term used for this kind of tropical storm.

Among meteorologists, “tropical cyclone” is the preferred classification for this kind of weather event. For a storm to be considered a tropical cyclone, it must reach sustained winds of 74mph or higher, and appear over tropical or subtropical waters. Rotating, organized systems of clouds and thunderstorms can all be considered hurricanes or typhoons, but again, the tropical or subtropical location is critical for the tropical storms/cyclone designation.

These storms form from air rising quickly, heated by warm seawater, and then cooling down again so it is pushed aside by more warm air rising underneath it. This cycle creates strong winds, leading to potentially huge waves when one of these storms occurs near water. When these waves reach land, they may cause flooding. When tropical storms appear over land, their strong winds can cause a range of damage, from taking out buildings to tipping over trees and cars. In the most extreme cases of all, flooding and property damage will occur simultaneously.

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