How to Protect Your Business from a Hurricane


Hurricane season is pretty much here, which is why our storm damage experts at FP Property Restoration are doing everything we can to help protect your property from a severe weather event. In addition to providing storm preparedness assistance for homeowners, we also offer services for commercial properties, which means we are committed to keeping your business safe during hurricane season, too. Keep reading to learn how to protect your business from a hurricane, and remember that when it comes to all your cleaning, damage, and restoration needs, you can always call our professionals at FP Property Restoration.

Our Checklist to Protect Your Business From a Hurricane

  • Always track forecasts, so you can be ready to take action if necessary.
  • Make sure your employee contact list is up to date. Even if it is unlikely that any of your employees will be at the business when a hurricane lands, you still want to check in with them after the fact.
  • Close and board up all doors and windows to protect your property from flying debris.
  • Clean anywhere there may be standing water. This includes floor drains, catch basins, etc.
  • If you have a basement property, check your sump pump to see that it’s working.
  • Make sure any above-ground storage tanks are properly anchored and filled with water or another material that will keep them in-place during the course of the storm.
  • Fill up the fuel tanks of your emergency generator and fire pumps.
  • Fill up your vehicles with a full tank of gas, so you can relocate quickly if necessary.
  • Ensure your fire protection equipment is functioning (extinguishers, smoke alarms, etc.) Remember, the last thing you want is to have to deal with fire damage on top of storm damage.
  • Shut off any gas pipes or piping containing other flammable liquids.
  • Secure any important documents. Ideally, you should also duplicate them and remove them to be stored safely until the storm has passed.
  • Shut down onsite operation as early as possible, safely turning off the electricity and powering off any unessential equipment.
  • Double-check and do everything in your power to guarantee that your employees have safely been evacuated.

For more information on how to protect your business from a storm or to schedule restoration for your commercial property today, call (888) 408-2335 now. You can also contact us online for information about our other services.

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