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Surprising Fire Hazards You May Have In Your Home

Fire & Smoke

Although modern homes are safer than ever, there are still many fire hazards in the average American house. Some of these are obvious, like fireplaces and stoves. Others, however, are more insidious, and harder to anticipate ahead of time. Fortunately, our fire damage experts at FP Property Restoration are here to help you avoid a potential catastrophe. Keep reading to learn about the surprising fire hazards you may have in your home, and remember, if you need fire damage assistance, you can always call FP Property Restoration 24/7.

5 Unexpected Fire Hazards That May be Hiding in Your Home

  1. Lightbulbs: With modern, energy-efficient LED lightbulbs, the chances of your lights causing a fire in your home are lower than ever. However, as safe as LED bulbs are, almost any light can become a fire hazard when it’s exposed. Every year, many fires are caused in this country because a lightbulb did not have the proper covering, and it accidentally touched something or vice versa. Just think if your little one left a toy on an exposed lightbulb, or if an exposed bulb fell over and hit your Christmas tree. It takes two seconds to cover your bulb up, so please, for the sake of your entire household, make sure all lightbulbs in your home are properly covered.
  2. Dryers: Most clothes dryers in and of themselves are safe. But there is one big fire hazard associated with dryers: lint traps. Not only do you need to empty these every time you dry a load of laundry, you should also check periodically to make sure lint hasn’t accumulated inside your dryer’s vent and duct tubes. Mixing dryer vents and lint are a great way to start a fire, so if you do not wish to look inside your dryer yourself, we highly suggest hiring a professional who can inspect this appliance for you. And remember, if you ever smell your dryer overheating, turn off the power right away.
  3. Space Heaters: Space heaters can be a good way to warm up your space in the wintertime, but if you don’t keep a close eye on them, they can easily overheat. Plus, all cords can be dangerous if you are not paying attention to where you are going, but space heaters are particularly notorious for having cords ripped out of the wall, and starting a fire as a result. If you do insist on using a space heater this winter, make sure your unit is regularly cleaned and maintained, keep children and pets away while the appliance is in use, and keep several feet between the heater and everything around it.
  4. Lawn Mowers: Do you usually stick your hot lawnmower right back in the garage when you are done in the yard? If so, make sure to stop this practice immediately. An overheated lawnmower can easily start a fire, especially if you have a lot of other clutter lying around your garage. Next time you cut the grass, make sure to leave your lawnmower out for a few minutes to cool off before returning to the garage. Speaking of which…
  5. Sawdust: Again, it is not uncommon for old oily rags to lead to a garage fire, especially since garages often contain a lot of old, exposed wiring, too. Yet the danger most people overlook in their garage is sawdust. Whether from woodworking or general debris accumulation, when sawdust builds up in your garage over time, it is often the factor that triggers a fire. Make sure your garage is periodically cleaned to avoid this problem, especially if you work with or keep a lot of wood in your garage.

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