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Water leak

4 Tips to Avoid Water Damage

Water damage happens. Whether it’s manmade or natural, you can’t always predict when it will occur. However, there are some fairly simple steps you can take to hopefully avoid it. So, if you’re looking to steer clear of water damage in Sanibel, follow this advice:

Replace Appliances and Accessories Accordingly

Appliances are expensive. However, if you replace their cheaper accessories right before the manufacturer’s timeline, you can avoid potential damage. And, if you notice any signs of wear, no matter the timeline, you should replace. This can ultimately save you money.

Pay Attention to Your Toilets

Your toilets can actually tell you a lot. If you suspect a leak, put a few drops of food coloring in the back of the toilet. If the colored water is in the bowl within 15 minutes and no flushing, there is probably a leak.

Look for Moisture

Keep an eye out for condensation on the inside of cabinets and around pipes. This moisture can definitely be the sign of a leak. If need be, try a temporary solution and schedule an inspection.

Have Regular Inspections

As homes age, they become more prone to leaks. And, during rainy seasons, they may not be able to hold up against rains and flooding. So, you need to have regular home inspections to ensure the integrity of the structure, piping, and appliances.

Are You Experiencing Water Damage in Sanibel?

Water damage in Sanibel is nothing to sit on. Whether it was a manmade leak or natural disaster, contact us at FP Property Restoration to learn more about how our services can help you.