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How to Spot a Leak in Your Home

So, it snuck up on you. Out of nowhere, there’s a gaping hole in your ceiling and you’re out a bathroom and a lot of money. Water leaks and the resulting Lakeland water damage is no joke. But, if you know how to spot a leak early on, you can hopefully prevent any major issues. So, always keep your eyes open for these signs of a leak in your home:

Water Bill Increase

If somewhere in your home is hemorrhaging water, you’re more than likely to see the difference in your bill. If you see a sudden uptake one month, that’s a cause for concern. Even a small leak can add up.

Wet Spots

If you’re lying on the couch, take a look at your ceiling. If you’re hanging out in the kitchen, take a look at the walls and backsplash. Darkened wet spots are a definite sign of a leak. They tend to form under bathrooms where a sink, toilet, or tub area.

Foundation & Structure Cracks

Inside and outside, a water leak can lead to cracks in walls, floors, and foundation. So, any time you go to use your hose or are doing laundry, be sure to look around and take an extra second to ensure that everything is intact and sturdy.

Unexpected Odor

Standing water can develop a smell. So, you may not even see a spot or feel a wet spot to know that there’s potentially a leak. And, with standing water comes unwanted germs and bacteria. So, if something smells old or like wet dog, chances are you need to check your pipes.

Are You Experiencing Lakeland Water Damage?

If left untreated, Lakeland water damage can lead to some hefty home issues. So, if you’ve spotted a leak, do not hesitate to bring in the professionals. Contact us today to learn more about how our leak detection and other home restoration services can help you.