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Moldy wall

6 Tips to Help Prevent Mold Growth

Tips on Avoiding Mold

  1. Make sure your AC unit is set no higher than 76 degrees and the fan is set to “Auto”. You should never leave your property for an extended time with the unit off. The money saved by turning off your air conditioner is pennies compared to the money spent on replacing your belongings. Many people make the mistake of leaving the AC unit ”ON” – this causes your unit to release warm, humid air into your property which will increase the speed at which mold can grow.
  2. If your property suffers from water damage – call a professional water damage company. Do not dry it yourself! There are critical steps that must take place to ensure there is no mold growth in the area. Dehumidification, Structural Drying, and Mold Prevention are all steps that a professional restoration company will complete to minimize the risk of mold.
  3. Be observant of areas where plumbing is present. Keep an eye on areas under the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, behind toilets and where your HVAC unit is located. These areas are prime locations for mold growth.
  4. Periodically inspect the outside of your property. Make sure there are no cracks in the foundation or stucco. Also, check that your irrigation system is properly moving water away from the home to avoid seepage in the walls.
  5. Repair roof and gutter issues as soon as you are aware of them. The longer these issues persist, the higher the risk for mold growth from water intrusion.
  6. Don’t just bleach or wipe the mold away! At the first sign of mold, even if it is minimal – call FP Property Restoration for a free inspection. What appears to be a small issue can grow into a big one quite fast. Many times people clean the same area of mold for years only to find out that the inside of the wall cavity has been a growing ground for a much larger mold problem!

*These tips don’t guarantee a mold-free environment, but if followed it can decrease the chances of mold growth. If you are concerned that you may have mold, call FP Property Restoration for your free inspection and consultation today (888) 408-2335.