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Emergency Water Removal Services In Tallahassee

It would be nice if situations involving damage to your home would occur during business hours so that you could easily reach the help that you need. Sadly, accidents rarely cooperate. If your Tallahassee home has experienced a sudden pipe burst, a major roof leak, or has flooded, you’ll need to contact a company for emergency water removal services. What should you look for in such a service provider, though?

Water Removal and Professional Drying

Perhaps most obviously, any emergency water removal services should begin with a full assessment of the situation, followed by complete water removal. However, you should receive more than just a “pump and go” solution. While the bulk of the water should be removed, the service provider that you choose should go deeper and should provide you with professional drying and dehumidification. This can and include drying building materials that can be salvaged, as well as furnishings and belongings.

Repair and Restoration

Emergency water removal services are just the start of what you’ll need. Depending on the severity of the leak and the extent of the water damage, you may need a wide range of repair and restoration services, from drywall to roofing to flooring and everything in between. Make sure that the company you choose for emergency water removal services is capable of handling every step so that you only have to work with one service provider.

As you can see, emergency water removal services should offer more than just basic pumping. At FP Property Restoration, we go the extra mile and provide every service necessary for our Tallahassee clients. Call us today at (888) 408-2335 to learn more.