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Hidden Leak

How to Find Out You Have a Hidden Leak

Let us know if this sounds familiar: you’re going about your day, minding your own business, when all of a sudden you get home to find there’s water everywhere! Whether it’s a hole in the ceiling or a burst pipe in the bathroom, water damage can be one of the most expensive problems for your property to face. Fortunately, our experts at FP Property Restoration are here to help you learn how to find out if you have a hidden leak. Remember, for all your water damage services and other emergency restoration needs, FP Property Restoration is available 24/7!

The Top 5 Signs of a Hidden Leak

  1. Rising Utility Bills: If you find that your home’s water bill has gone up out of nowhere, there’s an extremely good chance that a leak is to blame. You are more likely to notice a leak that is hemorrhaging water, but hidden leaks are tricky, as these are the ones that sneak up on you and end up significantly raising your bills.
  2. Strange Water Meter Readings: If your water meter says you are using water even when you are not, you’ve almost certainly got a hidden leak in your home. Turn off the water supply to your home completely if this happens. Then, after 20 minutes or so, if your meter says you are still using water, call a professional for an inspection.
  3. Strange Odors: If you have asked yourself, “what’s that smell?” recently, it could be due to unseen standing water somewhere on your property. You may not be able to see or feel it, but the germs and bacteria in standing water will release a nasty odor, which can be the leading clue that you have a hidden leak in your pipes or elsewhere.
  4. Unexplained Wet Spots: If you have seen unexplained water spots under your sinks, or at the base of your tub or toilet, there is an extremely high chance that these spots occurred because of a hidden leak. You should also watch out for random wet patches on your ceiling, around the kitchen, and in your walls and backsplash.
  5. Cracks in Your Foundation: When a water leak happens under your home, structural damage can occur, with cracks forming in your foundation. Look in your laundry room, around your water heater, or other places in your house where your pipes meet the ground. If you notice damage, call a professional right away, as cracks in your foundation can permanently damage your home’s structure.

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