What is Structural Drying? - How FP Restoration Reverses Water Damage

structural drying

Water is the natural enemy of homes and businesses throughout Florida and nationwide. Once inside your property, water soaks timber, ruins drywall, threatens electrical systems, and seeps through floorboards. When left unchecked, this water damage can completely ruin a home or business, necessitating mold remediation at best, or condemning your building at worst. 

Accordingly, water removal is the most pressing step in the water damage cleanup process. By quickly removing standing water, dehumidifying the air, and drying or removing structural components, full-service restoration companies like FP Restoration can literally save your building from a bulldozer. 

Together, various drying techniques form a method known as Structural Drying. But what is structural drying? How does it combat house flooding and enable flood repair?

Structural Drying 101 - A Guide

What is Structural Drying?

Put simply, structural drying is the process of removing moisture and humidity from a home or business until a working, dry standard is achieved. Excess moisture not only degrades load-bearing features—it threatens your health and safety too. Mold, excess humidity, and poor temperature control can affect those with respiratory sensitivities most of all. For the safety of your family and employees, structural drying is a must.

How is Structural Drying Performed?

At FP Restoration, we use science-backed methodologies and equipment to dry structures as quickly as possible. A constant schedule of training ensures that we deliver the best results, regardless of when you call us. 

We’re available 24/7 and can be on-site in less than an hour with just one call to (888) 408-2335. In the meantime, here are our steps in the structural drying process.

Step 1 - Comprehensive On-Site Assessment

Once we arrive at your property, we’ll leap into action by assessing the full extent of the damage. Your dedicated project manager will tour your property, searching for every last inch that’s been touched by water. After communicating thoroughly with you, your project manager will form a plan of action, sharing it with you and with your insurance provider. 

Step 2 - Water Damage Restoration Plan

Once we understand your structure’s needs, we’ll create a detailed plan of execution for removing all hazardous water and moisture. Depending on the cause of your water damage, this plan can shrink or intensify as needed. At FP Restoration, we can handle everything from sewage cleanup to thermal inspection, delivering the best and safest results for your property in the least amount of time.

Step 3 - Removal of Excess Standing Water

At FP Restoration, we use truck-mounted water extraction pumps powered by V8 engines. These pumps allow us to remove water anywhere it’s found—from the lowest levels of a sub-basement to the 8th story of a hotel or apartment building. Water removal is quick with FP on your side.

Step 4 - Removal of Remaining Moisture

For the quickest drying, every last bit of moisture must be removed or captured. To achieve this, FP Restoration opens windows, deploys air movers, and removes soaked materials. We may also use desiccants or moisture-capturing devices to mop up every last remaining drop and encourage evaporation.

Step 5 - Dehumidification

Once the visible water has been removed from your home or business, it’s time to take water out of the air. This is where dehumidification comes in. We use industrial dehumidifying units to pull in air, capture moisture, and release dry air into your structure. This prevents further damage and mold growth while also allowing us to complete the next and final step in the structural drying process.

Step 6 - Temperature Control & Maintenance

Temperature control is key to maintaining a safe home or working environment. But after water damage, moisture and humidity can strain your HVAC unit to its limit. During this step, we’ll inspect your temperature control systems to ensure that everything is working properly. Once we determine that your property can maintain temperature again, we’ll make our recommendation for restoration work.

Have You Experienced Water or Flood Damage?

At FP Property Restoration, we take immense pride in every step of our structural drying process. These methods create a foundation for full-service restoration work, getting you back to your life, uninterrupted! 

If you’ve experienced water or flood damage, don’t hesitate to call us at (888) 408-2335 immediately. Every minute you wait, water finds new paths into your home or business, causing more damage and delaying restoration.

Let Us Put Our Scientifically Backed & Proven Structural Drying Process to Work for You & Your Property!

FP Property Restoration proudly serves communities throughout Florida and others nationwide. No matter where you are, no matter what you’re going through, we can be on-site in 60 minutes or less to help you figure out next steps. We’re Florida’s and the nation’s leading water damage remediation company. So, call us today at (888) 408-2335 and know for sure that you, your employees, and your family are safe.

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