A Fire-Free Holiday Season - Most Common Hazards in the Home

fire hazards

From October to December, home fires increase dramatically. According to the US Fire Administration, home fires are more common and more intense during the holidays. Of course, we don’t have to think too hard about why your odds of a fire increase come winter. Lights, candles, decorations strung over fireplaces, and general carelessness during hectic times can all contribute to disaster. 

As a full-service, fire damage restoration company, FP Restoration has seen too many blackened homes and melted family photos in our time. This holiday season, we’re hoping to prevent the worst from happening by revisiting these most common fire hazards in the home. 

If you’ve experienced fire damage, call us today at (888) 408-2335. We can be on-site in 60 minutes or sooner and we’ll stick around until the fire damage restoration process is 100% complete.

Most Common Holiday Fire Hazards in the Home

Candles, Fireplaces, & Open Flames

It should come as no surprise that open flames are among the most common culprits in house fires. It’s also no coincidence that candles enjoy more use during October, November, and December, contributing to the uptick in fire damage

It’s important to remember that a flame is only the visible representation of a chemical reaction. In both candles and fireplaces, heat from that chemical reaction rises higher than the eye can see. Placing candles too near a curtained window or hanging decorations over a fireplace can have disastrous consequences. 

Electrical Systems & Malfunctions 

When everything works as planned, you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your home’s wires, electrical boxes, breakers, etc. But during the holiday season, demand for electricity is higher than usual. 

An already strained electrical system can be pushed past its limits by indoor string lights stapled outside the home or by more appliances working full-out inside. The best defense against electrical malfunctions is a general inspection. It’s also wise to buy string lights and other festive decor that’s rated for use outside. For additional protection, skip the staples and secure lights to your home with clips instead.

Cooking & Kitchen Fires

The holidays are about friends, family, fellowship, and food. As a host, you’ve got a lot of work to do, including making appetizers, entrees, sides, and sweets for a dozen or more guests. When cooking for a dozen, and under a lot of pressure, mistakes happen. With this many spinning plates in the air, one is bound to fall.

For the best results, don’t leave your cooking unattended. Make sure your smoke alarms are functional long before your guests arrive. How you cook and what you cook also have a lot to do with safety. Although they’re delicious, you might want to skip frying a turkey this holiday season, as it’s one of the most dangerous dishes you can prepare at home.

Enjoy the Holidays Safely & Responsibly

Whether you’re dressing the house up for Halloween, crafting a tablescape for Thanksgiving, or stringing lights along every inch of your home’s exterior, fires are only one misplaced candle or overlooked stove eye away from ruining your festivities. As you decorate, be mindful of heat sources. For extra protection, keep a working fire extinguisher close at hand. 

This holiday season, remember that fires are more than just flames. Heat, smoke, lingering odors, and even mold can result from small house fires. 

As a fire damage repair and smoke damage cleanup company, FP Restoration knows how to perform post-fire repairs to bring your home back to a livable standard. We hope you won’t need us this holiday season, but if you do, call us at (888) 408-2335.

Trust the Fire Damage Restoration Experts at FP Property Restoration

The holidays are full of fun and defined by the making of good memories. But throughout the revelry and warmth, higher chances of a fire linger in each room of your home. As a full-service fire damage restoration company, we can get you back to your holidays and back to your life swiftly, so that you can enjoy the occasion uninterrupted! If you’ve experienced fire damage, don’t hesitate to call us immediately at (888) 408-2335

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