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Understanding the 3 Types of Water Damage

Water Damage

When your home experiences water damage as a result of a flood or other natural disaster, it is important to act quickly in order to clean up and restore your property. However, while some service providers have a “one size fits all” style to property damage, our North Port restoration company offers a customizable approach. At FP Property Restoration, we’re here to help you understand the 3 types of water damage as designated by the IICRC (the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification), so you always know the exact work your property needs.

There are three categories of water damage:

  • Clean water damage
  • Grey water damage
  • Black water damage

Category 1 Water Damage: Clean Water Damage

Category 1 is the least severe on the IICRC scale, and includes water damage such as broken pipes and water supply lines, sinks and bathtubs which have overflowed, and various appliance issues. The main reason this type of damage is considered less severe is that it involves “clean water,” i.e. water that is sewage and toxin-free. Typically, most items damaged in category 1 incidents can be dried easily without and potential side effects for the property owner later on.

Category 2 Water Damage: Grey Water Damage

Category 2 water damage involves “grey water.” This includes water from appliances like toilets, washing machines, and sump pump backups. While consuming or coming into contact with grey water may or may not be harmful to humans, it is important to remove any affected items and disinfect completely if your home has been struck by category 2 water damage, as the waste and chemicals in grey water may prove harmful down the line.

Category 3 Water Damage: Black Water Damage

Category 3 water damage, aka “black water” damage, is the most extreme kind of water damage and requires swift action to mitigate serious health risks. Black water includes sewage, rising flood waters, seawater, as well as river and ground water. When category 3 water damage occurs, many items and materials will need to be removed from your property, and after drying has occurred your home will need to undergo significant disinfecting.

Offering Solutions for Water Damage in Categories 1,2,3!

No matter what kind of water damage you are dealing with, our experts at FP Property Restoration are here to help. We offer sewage cleanup for category 3 disasters, well as general water removal for a range of properties. Call today to learn more about how our restoration process can help you.

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