Top 5 Hurricane Risks for Commercial Properties

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In 2021 alone, the monetary value of storm damage in the United States totaled $145 billion. The stark majority of that cost resulted from hurricanes, though severe storms and wildfires also contributed. For residents of the East Coast and Gulf Coast region, this figure may be frightening. But for businesses in those regions, that damage was even more severe.

The Cost of Hurricanes On Businesses

Commercial properties reeling from storm damage and wind damage are especially vulnerable during hurricane season (June 1st through November 30th). Lost revenue, furloughed workforces, missed investment opportunities, and loan repayments can force even mildly affected businesses into bankruptcy. So, what can commercial property owners do to safeguard their businesses?

At FP Property Restoration, we know how to respond when disaster strikes. Our rapid assistance after Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Michael earned us the Sedgwick Catastrophe Response Award. If your commercial property suffered damage in a storm, call us immediately at (888) 408-2335. We can be on-site in 30 minutes or less to help you get back to life, uninterrupted.

Top 5 Structural Risks to Commercial Properties

To prepare for the current hurricane season, it helps to know what’s at stake. Here are the top 5 structural risks to your commercial property in 2022.

Your Roof

No matter what kind of business you run, a roof is not optional. After the worst passes, storm damage roof repair is a top priority for getting you and your workforce back to business. During the 2021 hurricane season, both Hurricanes Ida and Sam achieved wind speeds in excess of 150 mph—more than enough to blow away all but the most anchored metal roofs.

So, what can you do? First, it’s important to stay up to date with your insurance coverage and roof warranty (when applicable). You can invest in a roofing system rated for higher wind speeds, but this is no guarantee. Clearing away nearby trees and maintaining your roof may also up your odds, but in the event of the worst, you’ll need a fast response storm damage restoration company on your side.

Your Foundation

While it’s easy to think of your property’s slab as an immovable fixture, excess water can literally unseat a foundation, moving it to a disastrous degree. Even if your structure and slab survive the storm, flood waters can shift the earth supporting them, causing cracks or contributing to dangerous footing for your commercial structure.

For the best chance at preserving your business and your building, you’ll want to remove standing water and moisture as soon as possible. Prevent further harm and stop current damage in its tracks by calling a water damage response team straight away.

Your Frame

Both timber and steel frames can suffer serious damage from standing water, moisture, mold, and winds. Timber frames are especially susceptible to warp, rot, and mold development, while metal frames can rust, twist, or rattle themselves apart as your structure twists from flood waters and winds. 

Any electrical systems that run along your frame will also be compromised, so it’s important to keep your commercial property watertight all year long. Once the storm has passed, a trusted restoration company can help with structural drying and dehumidification.

Your HVAC System

Standing water isn’t the only lingering threat after hard rains or flooding. Moisture in your building poses a serious health risk to you, your workforce, and any cleanup teams you may hire in the aftermath. Wet air finds its way into your duct work where it can revitalize mold spores and create growth. Once your HVAC is switched back on after the storm passes, you could be spreading hazardous contaminants throughout your building.

The dehumidification process can stop further damage to your HVAC unit, but you’ll also need a knowledgeable team of restoration specialists to further assess any health risks associated with air quality.

Your Walls

Not all leaks and sources of standing water are obvious after a storm. Internal plumbing systems buried beneath your floor or behind your walls can continue to drip for weeks and months after a catastrophe, encouraging mold growth where it won’t be seen. 

At FP Property Restoration, we apply the latest infrared technology in our thermal inspection process to locate, identify, and correct leaks before they cause further damage. This gets you and your business confidently back on track with the least risk to your health and structure.

Recover Faster & Emerge Stronger

When hurricanes strike, the dangers to your community, business, and commercial structure are nearly too great to count. Category 3 Black Water can sideline cleanup efforts for days, while hazardous chemicals common to your industry pose even greater risks. No matter what kind of business you’re in, FP Property Restoration is just a phone call away. We’ve got your back from Florida to Manhattan and everywhere in between.

When disaster strikes, time is precious. Call us immediately at (888) 408-2335.

Get Back to Business with FP Property Restoration

Before, during, and after the hurricane, time is money to businesses like yours. Recover faster and emerge stronger with FP Property Restoration’s comprehensive storm damage restoration service. With just one call, we can be at your property within 30 minutes or less. Our emergency response trucks are outfitted with both truck-mounted extraction units and portable extraction units for simultaneous work and a swift return to profitability. Call us today at (888) 408-2335.

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