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Emergency Mold Remediation Services in Florida

We’re LICENSED, CERTIFIED, INSURED, & BONDED to handle all of your needs and serve you better!

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Rapid Mold Remediation Response

Emergency Mold Remediation Services Available 24/7

FP Property Restoration is a licensed mold remediation company (#MRSR2615). We are experts in the removal of mold at any scale across individual buildings, city blocks, and whole communities. We carry all the appropriate licenses and insurance to perform mold remediation in the state of Florida.

At FP Property Restoration, we’ve helped thousands of disaster victims breathe easily without fear of mold throughout the state of Florida and the nation. Our team is equipped to detect the presence of mold, then safely and thoroughly remove it. Mold can pose a dire risk to the health of families, employees, and communities at large. After just one call, we'll get straight to work by employing our proven mold remediation process so that you can get back to life uninterrupted.

Contact us online or call (888) 595-1105 to learn more about our Florida and Gulf Coast Region mold remediation services. 


Helping You Breathe Easy

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We’re committed to providing the BEST services in the restoration industry.
Marla Michele Must's Rating
FP Property Restoration did a $1.2 million cleanup for our condo association filling Hurricane Sally. They did an Excellent job and were very responsive to meet the needs of individual owners. Because of their fast service, our condo building was the first up on the beach. Excellent cleanup after the extensive drywall demo work. I was the HOA President And I would highly recommend FP Property Restoration for this type of work. Marla Michele Must
Eileen Leary's Rating
Thank you FP Property and all the workers who assisted us during our water "issue". FP was responsive and on the site within an hour. All of the techs were so professional, kind, and sensitive to the homeowner's situation. They handled it beautifully. AND thank you for treating all my personal items with respect! Eileen Leary
Brian Bouyea's Rating
Our home received considerable smoke and soot damage from a fire. FP Restoration was at our home the next day with the appropriate equipment and staff. They worked non stop for the last 10 days to mitigate our home. All staff were professional, courteous and efficient. The team leader went above and beyond to ensure that all tasks were completed to our satisfaction and that we were kept updated with their process and progress. Brian Bouyea
24/7 Emergency Mold Remediation Services Florida | FP Restoration - Mold-Parent1

Safe & Reliable Mold Remediation—the Pros at FP Restoration Do it the Right Way

It’s well known that floods and water damage contribute to mold. But fire damage can also create ideal conditions for mold. Putting out a fire can dampen vulnerable parts of your property, and recent fire damage in your community can quickly lead to the dangerous development of deeply harmful growth.

Our IICRC-certified mold professionals will conduct a free inspection to identify signs of mold in your property or community. If there is reason to believe mold is present, the next step is to have a licensed assessor test for mold. This same assessor will also create a mold protocol for mold removal. Your Project Manager will review the protocol with you and answer any questions. At that time, we will also schedule a day to start the mold remediation.

All mold remediation jobs are different. Most remediation jobs contain several of the same steps, including:

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We contain the areas where mold is confirmed prior to beginning the remediation process.

24/7 Emergency Mold Remediation Services Florida | FP Restoration - cta-step-2

We insert negative air scrubbing units to filter the air of mold spores during remediation, creating the safest possible working environment.

24/7 Emergency Mold Remediation Services Florida | FP Restoration - cta-step-3

We conduct the proper removal, bagging, and disposal of mold-affected materials.

24/7 Emergency Mold Remediation Services Florida | FP Restoration - cta-step-4

We employ HEPA vacuuming of the contained areas.

24/7 Emergency Mold Remediation Services Florida | FP Restoration - cta-step-5

We perform a thorough bio-washing of the contained areas using an approved antimicrobial agent.

24/7 Emergency Mold Remediation Services Florida | FP Restoration - cta-step-6

We follow up by cleaning all ducts and HVAC units so that you can get back to breathing easy and a life uninterrupted.

Once remediation is complete, the third-party licensed mold assessor returns to conduct post-tests. These post-tests are used to verify that all mold has been removed. FP Property Restoration warranties all of our mold remediation work once a clean post-test has been received. If you have a mold problem, don’t wait until you feel sick to contact FP Property Restoration at (888) 595-1105 for a free, on-site consultation right away.

Disaster Restoration Anytime,
Anywhere, at Any Scale

No matter the extent of the damage or the size of the job, you can trust FP Property Restoration to treat your community and property with the care, respect, and urgency they deserve.

If you need fast, reliable property damage repair and restoration services,

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Working with the Best Mold Remediation Company Has Its Advantages!

What We Bring to Mold Remediation
Full-Service Restoration Company
We handle every aspect of property damage restoration, including initial cleanup, mold remediation, cabinet repair, odor removal, and much more.
Industry-Leading Process
We follow a systematic, science-based process and utilize cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to achieve superior results in less time than our competitors.
Professional Team
Our damage restoration technicians are fully background checked and will arrive on-site in proper uniforms with identification. We always treat our customers with the care, professionalism, and respect they deserve.
Preferred Vendor for Insurance
FP Restoration is the preferred vendor with many insurance companies. Let us use our experience and connections to help you recover faster.
24/7 Emergency Service
We’re here for you, whether it’s 3 AM on a workday or 3 PM on Saturday.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Our number one focus is taking care of your needs and getting you back to life ASAP. We don’t cut corners–you always get quality work from a quality crew.
24/7 Emergency Mold Remediation Services Florida | FP Restoration - Mold-Parent2

Fast-Response Mold Remediation Company

Once mold is detected, our primary objectives are to remove the mold and remediate the surrounding areas as soon as possible—whether it’s in a home, business, or entire city block. During this process, our highest priority is to bring air quality back to an acceptable level. To do this, we utilize HEPA filtration devices to filter your air and continuously improve the air quality.

Once the mold is removed and remediated, our repair team begins restoring your property and community back to its original condition. Our rapid-response mold remediation teams can scale to the size of any disaster—fire or water—so that we can get you and your community up and running with the least interruption. With just one call, we bring the right people with the right training and the right equipment to get the job done.

We Restore Communities & Property

The presence of mold is as dangerous to the mind as it is to the lungs. Sensing you may be unsafe and unwell in your community can have serious effects on your daily life. Our thorough, 3rd-party tested mold remediation process ensures the utmost safety throughout the affected area—from single-family homes and apartment high rises to water-inundated communities and burnt factories. Let us go the extra mile to make you feel safe and sound wherever you are.

You may have mold after a recent flooding or fire event if you detect the following in your home, business, or community:

  • Visible mold
  • Strong, musty odors
  • Past or recent excessive moisture problems
  • Recent water damage/flooding
  • Recent fire damage
  • Excessive humidity

If you can see mold, there’s likely a lot more mold you can’t see. It’s important that you contact a professional Florida mold remediation company like FP Property Restoration immediately. We can detect hidden mold and ensure its entire removal from your home, business, or community. Don’t wait until you or someone you love gets sick. Call FP Restoration today at (888) 595-1105.


Top Questions About Mold Remediation Services Answered

Are all molds dangerous?
In the event of property damage or catastrophe, no one is served by attempting to distinguish good molds from bad molds. Common molds in a home or business can be (and often are) extremely hazardous to human life. Some molds are even lethal. There’s no such thing as “good mold” within your home, business, or community. If you’ve experienced recent flooding, water damage, or fire damage, call FP restoration immediately at (888) 595-1105.
What are the symptoms of black mold?
Black mold can cause serious health problems and allergic reactions. The symptoms of exposure to black mold vary based on the length of exposure and how prevalent the mold is. Common symptoms of dangerous exposure to black mold include fatigue, sneezing, eye irritation, chronic coughing, rashes, and nose or mouth irritation. Don’t “suspect and wait it out” in the presence of black mold. Act immediately by contacting a mold remediation company.
What’s the best mold remediation company?

Mold doesn’t just affect your property and its contents—it can be harmful (even deadly) to you, your children, your coworkers, and your community. At FP Restoration, we’ve witnessed firsthand the health effects that mold damage can cause. Our science-based approach to mold remediation and our contacts throughout the insurance industry make FP Restoration the preferred choice for mold remediation through Florida and the Gulf Coast region.

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