Mold Remediation & Licensing FAQs - What It Is & Why It Matters

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Water damage and fire damage are more than just warped floorboards and singed ceiling trim. In the aftermath of disaster, another enemy is hard at work, sabotaging your indoor air quality and threatening your family or employees. With a fresh source of water from flooding or fire hoses, mold can spread rapidly throughout your home or business. Within just 48 hours, you could have yet another disaster on your hands. 

At FP Property Restoration, we’ve seen how insidiously and quickly mold gets to work. But the remediation of mold isn’t something that should be left up to just anyone. Not every mold removal company has the same credentials, and depending on where you live, mold remediation services may require special licensing. 

But what is a mold license? Why does it help and why is it an important (or even necessary) factor when deciding who to call for your water or fire damage restoration?

Mold Licensing FAQs - FP Restoration Answers Your Questions

If you’ve experienced water, flood, or fire damage, don’t hesitate to call us at (888) 408-2335 immediately. In the meantime, here’s why mold licensing is so important.

What is Mold Licensing?

Mold is a serious concern for homeowners and business owners throughout the nation, but some states go one step further by requiring mold remediation experts to possess special licensing. These licenses ensure a standard of mold removal by establishing testing and remediation protocols. 

In cases where mold licensing is required, both the company and individual professionals will have to take a state-certified examination. Insurance adjusters in some states are also more likely to provide the funds you need to rebuild if, and only if, your restoration company possesses mold licensing.  

What States Require Mold Licensing?

Unfortunately, the list of states that require mold licensing is constantly changing. At present, and according to Nationwide Contractor Licensing, the following states and districts have laws in place requiring a mold license for all remediation professionals:

  • District of Columbia (Washington D.C.)
  • Florida
  • Louisiana
  • Tennessee
  • Texas

To determine if your state currently requires a mold license, call around to several restoration companies or simply start with FP Property Restoration, which has all applicable mold licenses in every state that requires them.

Why is Mold Licensing Important?

Mold is a complex and dangerous issue for home and business owners alike. Left to its own designs, mold can contribute to serious respiratory illnesses, worsen symptoms for allergy and asthma sufferers, and cause catastrophic structural damage. Because mold poses such serious challenges, its remediation is standardized in certain states to ensure a minimum of competency and favorable, lasting outcomes.

The ultimate idea is this: if a mold remediation professional lacks licensing, then home and business owners may not receive the level and extent of care they need to return safely to their home or business. 

Is a Mold License Important in States that Don’t Require it? 

While a mold license may not be legally required in your state, companies and professionals with mold licensing may still be better equipped to perform mold remediation services. 

For starters, restoration companies, like FP Property Restoration, have to demonstrate a certain volume of business and a specific understanding of mold remediation to receive mold licenses. 

Furthermore, as a concerned home or business owner, you can take confidence from the fact that your chosen restoration company goes that extra mile when required, marking them out as a by-the-book organization that’s more likely to take care of your mold problem the first and only time around. 

Don’t Gamble With Your Health. Trust FP Property Restoration.

In states with and without mold licensing requirements, a reliable, trustworthy, and comprehensive mold remediation company can be difficult to find. If you’ve experienced recent fire or water damage, or if you notice a mildewy aroma in your home or business, there’s little time to waste. Before your mold problem worsens, call the licensed mold remediation professionals at FP Restoration today at (888) 408-2335.

At FP Restoration, we’ll collaborate with your insurance provider to get you the funds you need to rebuild. Our proven mold remediation process allows you to get back to life as you know it: uninterrupted!

Trust the Mold Remediation Professionals at FP Restoration Today!

At FP Property Restoration, we stay up-to-date and current with all mold licensing needs so that we can better serve our customers nationwide. From Florida to New York, Arizona to Washington, we can be on-site in an hour to start our remediation and restoration efforts at your commercial or residential property. To learn more about our mold licenses, or to check if your state requires a license, call us today at (888) 408-2335. Proudly offering mold removal in Tampa to Timbuktu, we’re here for you!

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