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The holiday season is one of reflection, gratitude, and comfort. But if we’re not careful, that turkey fry or holiday feast can quickly spiral out of control. In fact, the American Red Cross estimates that nearly 47,000 fires occur during the holiday season each year, causing upwards of $554 million in property damage. Worst still, an estimated 500 lives are lost during this special time annually.  

Those numbers align with what we’ve seen at FP Property Restoration. No matter how attentive home owners and business operators think they are, fires have a way of breaking out. That’s why, in this season of gratitude, we’re especially thankful for our Preferred Vendor status from many of our nation’s leading insurance providers. But how does that status help you in the event of the worst?

Your Preferred Vendor for Holiday House & Business Fires

If your home or business has experienced fire damage, don’t hesitate to call us at (888) 408-2335. Fire damage becomes water damage which, in turn, necessitates mold remediation and structural repairs. 

The longer you wait to contact a fire damage restoration company, the more your structure and your livelihood are put at risk. In the meantime, here’s why we value our preferred vendor status so highly and how it helps us assist you better.

What Does “Preferred Vendor” Status Mean?

After the fire is put out, restoration work can begin. Typically, your restoration efforts are spearheaded by three separate entities: yourself, your insurance adjuster, and your chosen fire damage restoration company. 

As the home or business owner, you can choose whatever restoration company you like. But your insurance provider likely has “Preferred Vendors,” or companies that they’ve worked with before. 

By choosing a preferred vendor over another restoration company, you’re streamlining the process and setting your fire damage insurance claim up for smooth sailing until you’ve been made whole again.

Getting the Funds You Need

Insurance companies aren’t known for cutting checks left and right without good cause. After your insurance claim is processed, your adjuster will reach out and even visit your site to determine the extent of the damage. This helps your adjuster approximate the funds needed to rebuild. 

When you choose a restoration company beyond your provider’s list of preferred vendors, your provider may have less confidence in their ability to make you whole at a reasonable price. Furthermore, before funds are distributed, your provider may have several good-faith questions to ask involving a restoration’s company experience, timeliness, and degree of customer satisfaction. Your provider insists on due diligence to protect you and the money they’re paying on your behalf. 

To get the funds you need to rebuild faster, consider choosing a preferred vendor for all your fire damage restoration services.

Strong Communication

Communication is key to any operation, but especially so when it comes to getting you back to your life. Imagine if you were setting up a business with one goal in mind: the restoration of your property. 

As the owner, you’re the CEO. You’ve already chosen your insurance provider—they’re the chief financial officer. Now, all you need is a restoration company to complete your enterprise. Will you choose someone that your insurance provider has worked with before? Or will you gamble by choosing an unknown restoration company?

Employees with a proven track record of success are more likely to understand the ins and outs of collaboration. The same is true of insurance providers and restoration companies. For speed, quality, and strong communication across the board, a preferred vendor is the way to go.

Partners Till the Job is Done - FP Restoration & Your Insurance Provider

At the end of the day, it’s in everyone’s best interest to get you the funds you need for comprehensive restoration work. Insurance providers and restoration companies don’t always work well together. But by choosing a preferred vendor over another, untested restoration company, you can get back to your life uninterrupted!

Proudly Serving Home & Business Owners Nationwide: FP Restoration!

At FP Property Restoration, our preferred vendor status is a point of pride. Our ability to work seamlessly with some of the nation’s top insurance providers ensures that our mutual clients get what they need as promptly and comprehensively as possible. When the worst happens, trust FP Restoration to bring the strong collaborative spirit and expert communication you need to stay in the loop. For water damage restoration in Fort Myers, FL, and beyond, call us today at (888) 408-2335.

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